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Sandra Roycroft Davis, Founder of Thinking SlimmerSandra Roycroft Davis, Founder of Thinking Slimmer

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My mission to change lives and help people lose weight, by Thinking Slimmer found Sandra Roycroft-Davis

My mission to change lives - by the woman they called Miss Piggy >>

The happy people above are just a few of the thousands worldwide who've finally got the magical mindset that means they lose weight without willpower or dieting. They've listened to a Slimpod, a cutting edge weight loss solution created by Harley Street neuroscience specialists Sandra Roycroft-Davis and Trevor Silvester. In just 10 minutes a day it retunes your mind and creates healthy lifestyle changes which free you from the battle with your weight and give you the power to make good food choices naturally. Uniquely, Slimpods have been scientifically proven to work in independent clinical trials. They're available as downloads or on CD.

Enjoy the lasting differences a Slimpod makes as it magically takes the misery out of weight loss


You'll want smaller portions
and you'll feel full quicker

You'll instinctively make
healthier food choices

You'll feel more active,
creating lasting change

You'll feel confident
from the inside out


Slimpods feature the skills of Trevor Silvester, a world expert in the science of influential language with over 20 years’
clinical experience in using the power of words to obtain remarkable results. It’s his relaxing voice you hear on a Slimpod

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We care about you - Sandra and Bex

Your success is our number one priority so with your Slimpod you get free unlimited support if you need it. We're very proud of the caring Slimpod community which means you'll be supported every step of the way by our Ask Bex service and by other Slimpodders. Your programme also includes online access to our Healthy Choices meal guide, compiled by a leading nutritionist. Our customer service has won a gold award from Feefo, the reviews site.

Your Handbook

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Once you've bought a Slimpod, this free app makes using it so simple. 



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Clinically proven to work

Slimpods are the only weight loss programme of their kind in the world to have been clinically proven to work in independent scientific trials. We're proud that our Slimpods give you Harley Street expertise at a price that's affordable.

Clinically proven to work

In an independent clinical trial carried out by City University London, over 80% of Slimpod users taking part were found to have lost an average of 12lbs over a six month period, became more active and kept the weight off.

Endorsed by NHS consultant

“I have tried and tested a Slimpod on myself and the effects are profound and life-changing. My meal sizes were smaller, snacking between meals became less necessary and my food choices became healthier.”

Mr Gideon Felton, Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Official national partner

Thinking Slimmer is the only weight loss company to be made an official national partner of the Department of Health's Change4Life campaign. We fully support their aim of helping millions of families to change their lifestyles and enjoy better health.

Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary

Why this is
so different


Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Thinking Slimmer's founder, and Trevor Silvester, the founder of cognitive hypnotherapy, explain what makes Slimpods so very different:

“We believe most people are trapped into thinking a diet’s the only way to lose weight. Yet diets only focus on what you eat, not why you eat it. That's the big difference. The answer to losing weight effectively is inside your mind.”

 Trevor's unique skill means you hear within a generic recording the things that change your eating habits in a way which is unique to you. We're very proud that Slimpods are the only product of this kind to be clinically proven to work for weight loss.

- Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Harley Street specialist

 It is Sandra's vision, drive and passion that have inspired Thinking Slimmer from the start. She's the business head and beating heart of Thinking Slimmer and it's her genuine care for her customers that has turned us into a community.

- Trevor Silvester, the voice of the Slimpods

The weight is over


It’s so simple, you can get started right away. Download an MP3 to your phone, tablet or laptop now or order a CD to be delivered to your door. Slimpods work brilliantly on their own and are also the perfect extra that adds a little bit of magic to any healthy eating plan. Because we give you a 100% money-back guarantee* you've got nothing to lose but those unwanted pounds!

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