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Clinically-tested, simple weight loss - all you have to do is listen

Retune your mind for easy, natural, lasting weight loss in just 10 minutes a day with a Slimpod

download or CD from Thinking Slimmer. Harley Street expertise at High Street prices.

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Simple and easy natural lasting with loss with a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer

* Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person 

Lose weight effortlessly with a Slimpod, the unique way

to influence your mind and change your eating habits


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Please note: Because everyone's different, weight loss can vary 

Discover How To Start Losing Weight Easily Today With A Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer

Thinking Slimmer's simple weight loss method, the Slimpod, is the only one of its kind in the world to have been clinically tested in independent trials. Uniquely, it has also been approved by an NHS consultant who describes its effects as “profound and life-changing.” By listening to a Slimpod CD or download for just 10 minutes a day you can retune your mind to want smaller portions, choose healthier food and be more active. As every expert will tell you, that’s the perfect combination for losing weight easily and successfully.

Twenty years of specialist work in Harley Street has gone into the creation of our Slimpods, which help you to lose weight simply and easily by changing your relationship with food and making you feel full quicker. Imagine never having to worry again about what you can eat because you've said goodbye to dieting. Unlike diets, which only deal with what you eat, Thinking Slimmer addresses WHY you eat.

NHS Consultant Endorses Slimpods - Thinking Slimmer

Thinking Slimmer, the only weight loss company to be an official national partner of the Department of Health’s Change4Life campaign, is the brainchild of Harley Street weight loss specialist Sandra Roycroft-Davis and features the voice and expertise of Trevor Silvester, the founder of cognitive hypnotherapy and one of the world’s leading authorities in the science of unconscious persuasion.

Sandra says: "With being overweight such a problem for so many people these days, I created Thinking Slimmer to make our highly-effective technique easily affordable for everyone because I'm passionate about helping people make a real difference to their lives." In the short video above, Trevor explains how easy it could be for you to lose weight using Thinking Slimmer’s unique method.

Now you can benefit from Harley Street expertise at High Street prices. Already thousands of satisfied Slimpod customers say they're losing weight and discovering these benefits:

  No more agonising over weekly weigh-ins or counting calories – you eat normally.

  A new attitude to food so you automatically eat smaller portions without even thinking about it.

  You naturally stop snacking on sweet things and don't feel you're deprived or missing out.

  You feel more positive about yourself within days as your confidence starts to return.

  I've tried every diet under the sun but none of them worked

 Read what overjoyed Jo Hallam, from Nottinghamshire, says about the remarkable weight loss method our specialists have created:

“I’ve tried every diet under the sun over the past 30 years and this is the easiest and most successful way to lose weight ever. What makes it so brilliant is that I’ve lost almost four stone and kept it off effortlessly for three years.”

You might be amazed at what a Slimpod can do and how quickly it can do it. Thousands of overjoyed Slimpod users have discovered the secret of successful weight loss without having to worry about calorie counting, costly foods or expensive pills. They no longer feel guilty about little treats.  

As well as losing weight, you’ll feel other amazing benefits that diets can’t give you. In a study of Slimpod users, 55% said they were thinking far more positively, 64% said they were eating more healthily and a remarkable 72% said they were more active. That's what we call the Slimpod Moment!

Allow a moment or two for the audio file to load up. It stops automatically after about 90 seconds.

The Slimpod, which you can buy on CD or as an instant download you can keep on your phone, tablet or MP3 player, is the missing piece in the weight loss puzzle. Because you’re not dieting you never feel deprived, you don’t miss out on little treats and you eat normal food. People tell us they quickly save the cost of their Slimpod because they’re buying less at the supermarket! 

Look at the indisputable value a Slimpod offers: a year of weekly weigh-ins could cost you £250. Food supplements can easily set you back £500 a year. A Slimpod is just £29.99. That's it, nothing more to pay. We've kept the cost down because we believe weight loss should be affordable. Purchasing a Slimpod can stop you losing hundreds of pounds.

 To give you total confidence and peace of mind, buying your Slimpod is risk free because in the unlikely event you're not 100 per cent happy we guarantee we'll refund your money in full.  (*T&Cs apply)

Start today because you’ve got nothing to lose - only those unwanted pounds round your tummy.


Look at the five-star reviews

people give us on Facebook 

"Inspirational"..."extremely pleased"..."so effective"... that's how satisfied customers feel about their Slimpods and the service we offer. You'll find impartial five-star reviews on Amazon, too. Other people's success speaks volumes.

        Facebook five star reviews for easy lasting weight loss with a Thinking Slimmer Slimpod              




* Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person


Discover How To Start Losing Weight Easily Today With A Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer


       Barbara's lost 84lbs without having to diet !
  Barbara Greenwood had simple and easy weight loss success with Slimpods from Thinking Slimmer

FOR almost 40 years, Barbara Greenwood had massive problems with her weight.

She would binge and diet, binge and diet, and decades of dieting achieved nothing because any weight she lost went straight back on again.

At her worst point she weighed over 21 stones (294 pounds) and was almost a size 30.


Barbara Greenwood video testimonial simple easy weight loss Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer

Barbara's video testimonial


 Thanks to her Slimpod, Barbara has lost 84 pounds so far and can get into a size 16. And her doctor has been able to take her off her diabetes medication for the first time since she was diagnosed 13 years ago. Amazingly, she has just completed the London Marathon! Barbara says: “The effects of the Slimpod were dramatic - within a few days I was leaving food on my plate.

Discover How To Start Losing Weight Easily Today With A Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer

"Thirty five years of dieting never made me lose weight. Now I have a new lease of life and I’ve lost more than six stone in just over a year. I'm pretty much in full control of what I eat now. It’s as if the Slimpod has reached inside my mind and turned down the volume on my appetite.

“Until now I just bought whatever clothes would hide the bulges. Today I have choice for the first time and I’m going on holiday in pretty clothes this year not drab size 28 trousers."

See more successful case studies >>

* Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person

       Jo's easily kept the weight off for over three years
 Jo Hallam had simple and easy weight loss success with a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer

JO HALLAM was sick of yo-yo dieting. She tried over 60 ways of losing weight and spent £200 a year just on being weighed at a diet club. But the pounds kept going back on again, leaving her feeling a failure as she hopped on and off the scales.

Her main downfall was a sweet tooth which made her drink up to six cans of Coke a day. Then she discovered the remarkable weight loss method called Slimpod.

Within two days Jo stopped drinking Coke and within three months had lost 34lbs. Over three years later all the weight has stayed off - in fact, Jo's lost another stone or more! “For the first time I’m in control of what I eat and drink,” says Jo, "and I'm feeling like a confident teenager again.

Discover How To Start Losing Weight Easily Today With A Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer

“The Slimpod helps me to eat less, choose healthier options and do more. It’s the easiest, simplest way to lose weight ever. It was the best 40th birthday present I could ever have.

“The more weight I lost, the more confidence I gained. For the first time in years I started to feel happy about the way I looked. Now I put on a new dress for a night out and when I look at myself in the bedroom mirror I can hardly believe the slim, sexy person I can see is really me."

How would it feel if you could lose weight and keep it off like Jo? What a boost that would be to your body confidence .

Jo's story has been a full-page feature in the Daily Express. Click here to read it >>

See more successful case studies >>

* Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person

      You've found the missing piece in the weight loss puzzle 

Sandra Roycroft-Davis simple easy weight loss specialist Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer

A special message from

Sandra Roycroft-Davis,

founder of Thinking Slimmer


HOW would you feel if you could change your eating habits and stop food from controlling your body? As a mother of three teenagers I know what life can do to your waistline - and as a behavioural expert with a practice in Harley Street I know how hard making changes can seem.

However, our revolutionary Slimpod method is empowering thousands of people to take control of their appetites - and they're regaining their confidence and self-esteem, too. Many people diet because they think there's no other way. Now we’ve changed all that, making it possible to lose weight and love the skin you’re in. People like Suzy, right, are feeling amazing differences. You might want to watch her video. 

Constant dieting often has horrendous psychological effects manifesting in low confidence, obsession with calories, deprivation, binge eating and generally feeling out of control.  I’m very proud that our Slimpods reverse these effects and help people have a normal attitude towards food.

Discover How To Start Losing Weight Easily Today With A Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer


Slimpods feature the genius and the soothing voice of Trevor Silvester, a world authority on behavioural change, who will gently guide you into losing weight by breaking eating habits that may have dogged you for years.

Because this behavioural change is so simple and powerful it means you'll be able to create long-lasting benefits for yourself. Imagine how wonderful it will feel when you are the boss, not food! Imagine the huge differences that will make to your life.

Congratulations! You've finally found the missing piece in the weight loss puzzle.

Sandra x

Now let me answer all the questions you may have about Slimpods >>


Allow a moment or two for the audio file to load up. It stops automatically after about 90 seconds.

*Please note: Everyone's different so results can vary from person to person

Discover How To Start Losing Weight Easily Today With A Slimpod - Thinking Slimmer


      All styling by Personal Stylist at Debenhams. Barbara, Jo and

     Suzy's makeup by bareMinerals; Sarah's makeup by Mimi.

     Sammy's makeup by Calvin Klein

    Suzy Purcell simple and easy weight loss success Slimpods - Thinking Slimmer

    Busy wife and mum Suzy
    Purcell, from Aldershot, says:
"I can't believe how a
    Slimpod made such amazing
    changes to the way I look
    and the way I feel

Below: Suzy before
her Slimpod