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super slimpodders

  • Jo Hallam

    Size 16 to 10

    " When I put on a new dress for a night out and  I look in the bedroom mirror I can hardly believe the slim, sexy person I can see is really me"

    Jo has gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and kept the weight off for FIVE YEARS. She was the self-styled Queen of Coca Cola because every week her sweet tooth made her drink up to 40 cans of it, and she loved her bacon sarnies and chocolate too. Within days her Slimpod helped her quit sugar and now she says: "I feel so alive and full of energy."

  • Katy Earley

    Baby fat gone

    " I was a binger, a grazer and a chocoholic rolled into one. Now I'm lighter than before I had my baby"

    Mum of two Katy Earley set three realistic goals: to be confident enough to get into a swimming costume, to get fit and healthy and lose her baby weight once and for all and to fit back into The Dress. She says: “I achieved all three goals and wore The Dress to a Christmas party. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and love my great new legs!”

  • Barbara Greenwood

    Size 28 to 16

    " A Slimpod's much less stressful than a diet. It's as if something has reached in and turned down the volume on my appetite."

    Delighted Barbara Greenwood lost 84lbs and went from size 28 to a 16. She says: "Thank goodness I found out about Slimpods because 35 years of dieting never made me lose weight. Now I have a new lease of life. This is a much more natural way of losing weight and much less stressful than a diet."

  • Sammie Axton

    Size 18 to 10

    " The amazing change in me has been so beneficial for my family. Now I can give my little boy piggybacks and run after him"

    In just six months of losing weight by listening to a Slimpod, Sammie Axton saw a remarkable transformation in her shape – and her life. Sammie, 46,has lost almost 70 pounds and gone from a size 18/20 to a size 10. "This has completely changed what I eat and why I eat. The weight has fallen off and all the time my confidence is rocketing."

  • Darin McCloud

    Waist 48" to 34"

    " I can't remember the last time I felt this good about myself and positive about my life all at the same time, I want to burst with excitement"

    The transformation in Darin McCloud has been remarkable. He's gone from being a 20-stone couch potato desperate for a gastric band to being a super-keen runner and cyclist who's completed the London Marathon and cycled across Cuba. Darin has lost 68lbs and seen 14 inches disappear from his waistline. "I've never felt this good before," he says.

  • Sarah Elliston

    Size 16 to 12

    " It's hard to believe the transformation. Slimpods  are so different to any diet I’ve ever been on because they help me to change my lifestyle"

    Sarah Elliston knew she ought to exercise because her size 14 clothes were getting tight. But sometimes that’s easier said than done! “Any excuse would do to take the car rather than walk,” says Sarah. “I was a typical couch potato. Now I walk to the station every day, I've done a 45-mile charity bike ride and exercise has become an integral part of my life.”


  • Teresa Murphy-Swan

    Size 22 to 14

    " I can walk past the fridge easily and not think about going in. And if  I do go in, I’ll go in for a piece of fruit or something tiny"

    Teresa Murphy-Swan has seen her eating habits transformed as she’s lost 74 pounds with a Slimpod. “Before I used to eat a lot of pastries, sugary carbs and very little fresh veg. I’d fill up on bread. Now I eat meat, veg and natural protein. If food hasn’t been grown in the ground or reared in a field I don’t eat it! My mind is completely refocused.”

  • Cathy Fernie

    No chocolate

    " When I walk towards chocolate in the supermarket  I hear a voice in my head telling me: Just say No. And I've lost 40 pounds ! "

    Cathy is taking control and losing weight – “I’ve had amazing success,” she says. "So far I've lost almost three stone with my Slimpod. Every time I’ve lost weight in the past chocolate has been my downfall and I’ve put the pounds back on again. The Slimpod got me off chocolate almost instantly, I couldn’t believe it. I can choose what goes in my mouth now."

  • Smirti Kotecha


    " I couldn’t believe it . In the supermarket I just didn’t want to go near the cream cakes - something was stopping me"

    Smirti Kotecha is still surprised by her Slimpod. "How can something that seems so simple and easy help anyone to lose weight? I suddenly noticed that I felt much more energetic and alive. Instead of going to the gym once a week, I suddenly felt the urge to step it up to twice and three times a week. Now I've become a gym bunny!"

  • Carly Gyde

    No snacking

    " This is a wonderful  lifestyle change that doesn’t make me feel as if  I’m depriving myself from any of  life’s little pleasures"

    Carly Gyde says: “I used to be hungry for snacks at 4am. I call the Slimpod my no-diet diet because it’s a lifestyle change. It’s a very convenient and modern way of losing weight for me but it goes much deeper than dieting ever could. Unlike being on a diet, there’s nothing to give up so I’m 100 per cent confident the changes will be permanent.”

  • Glenn Thompson

    Lost 70lbs

    " Unlike before when I’d need to eat bags of crisps after dinner, I can sit in front of the TV in the evening and food never crosses my mind  "

    Glenn Thompson lost his job as a bus driver when he hit 27 stone. By using a Slimpod he's now lost enough weight to get his job back. He's cut back on meal sizes, doesn't feel the urge to snack on chocolate or crisps between meals and he's taken up cycling to work - which he does without even getting out of breath.

  • Moira Mackenzie

    Lost five stone

    " I find it really exciting when I walk into Evans outsize dress shop now and say: You don’t make clothes small enough for me!"

    When Moira Mackenzie started listening to her Slimpod she weighed 220lbs and was a size 22 heading for 24. In three years she lost more than 70lbs and was down to a size 12. “Almost immediately my appetite reduced and I just stopped bingeing. My eating habits changed so much. My whole mindset around food completely changed.”

  • Suzy Purcell

    Lightest ever

    " I've never felt more confident or more happy - I look in the mirror every day and smile instead of feeling sad "

    Suzy Purcell says: “I'm seeing such a huge difference in my eating. For the first time since I was a little girl I am in total control of food and thanks to my Slimpod I am now at my lowest adult weight ever. Look at that picture of me in the blue dress - today I'm a comfortable size 10 and can even get into a few size 8 outfits."

  • Wendy McDonald


    " That damaging binge eating I’d suffered with for years just went . My body breathed a sigh of relief that I had stopped abusing it at last.."

    ONCE she could eat 10 chocolate bars in one go. Now Wendy McDonald, from Shropshire, has gone from a 16/18 to a size 12 and says: “I have experienced massive changes in my eating habits.  I don’t eat between meals and my portions have halved.  The strangest thing is that I have gone off chocolate bars. That's unheard of!”

  • Vic Pires


    " So many people ask about my weight loss. It’s been easy, I can eat anything and the weight just falls off"

    AFTER having her baby, Vic Pires tried every diet to help her lose weight. But nothing worked. Now in four month on a Slimpod she has seen a transformation in her body as she has dropped from a size 16 to a 12 - and importantly she says she's learned to love what's under her clothes and have the confidence to walk tall with her head high.


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