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Losing weight couldn't be easier - all you have to do is listen

About us: Introducing the Thinking Slimmer team


Sandra Roycroft-Davis,
founder of Thinking Slimmer


SANDRA is the founder of Thinking Slimmer and trained as a cognitive hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute. She is a behavioural change specialist and practises in Harley Street. Sandra belongs to the signature lineup of contributors to the Huffington Post, writing about weight loss and the mind-body connection.


Trevor Silvester,

founder of cognitive hypnotherapy


TREVOR is the Voice of the Slimpods and the genius behind cognitive hypnotherapy. He has practices in Harley Street and founded and runs the world-renowned Quest Institute.


Bex Silvester,

co-founder of the Quest Institute

BEX is in charge of our online personal support service, drawing on many years of experience in the benefits of cognitive hypnotherapy to offer caring advice, support and encouragement to our customers.

The reason we're here

Because we care about you. The behavioural change experts at Thinking Slimmer have used their special skills to make this website a place where you can be inspired to regain your confidence and  self-esteem by realising that we all have the power within us to think and feel differently about food, exercise and well-being.

Our brand celebrates empowerment and choice with a passion and zest for life, caring and inspiring people to look and feel their best. Its personality is underpinned by core values of honesty, integrity, excellence, ambition, service, belief and commitment to change.

Our promise to you

We have used all reasonable care and skill in providing the products you order from us. Our voice recordings have been scripted and prepared by fully-qualified cognitive hypnotherapists, with a Harley Street practice, who are members of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. The Slimpod has been used, studied and endorsed by Mr Gideon Felton, MRCPsych, a senior psychiatrist at one of London's leading hospitals.

A few people we need to thank

Our website designers, Jenna Mason, Louisa Widyanta and Harry East. Our photographer, Garry Samuels, of Our film-maker, Brian Barnes, of Our internet gurus, Tim Gray, of, and Damon Segal, of Our press expert, Paul Crosbie, of Crosbie Communications. Ed Watson and the PR team at Debenhams. Our programmers Stephen and Rob at and our server hosts Media Temple, in Los Angeles. Our PR expert Suzanne and our social media queen Jackie. Our email system providers iContact, of North Carolina.