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NHS consultant endorses Thinking Slimmer for weight loss


NHS consultant Gideon Fdelton endorses Slimpod weight loss method - Thinking Slimmer               

THE effects of a Slimpod have been described as "profound and life-changing" by an NHS consultant psychiatrist who has endorsed its use after trialling it on himself.

Mr Gideon Felton, a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, (pictured left) found that he ate less, cut down on snacking and made healthier choices.

His independent and impartial assessment states that in his judgment there are no psychologically harmful techniques used in the Thinking Slimmer technique and he gives it his endorsement. 


Read the NHS consultant psychiatrist's independent report on Slimpods below



NHS consultant Mr Gideon Felton endorses Slimpods for weight loss - Thinking Slimmer 

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How we lead the world with our weight loss technique 

Thinking Slimmer is a world leader in the use of unconscious persuasion to help people change their lifestyle and lose weight. It is an official national partner of Change4Life, the Department of Health’s lifestyle and wellbeing campaign, and is the first company in the world to commission independent clinical trials into the effectiveness of voice recordings using unconscious persuasion to help people lose weight. Thinking Slimmer is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s guidance for GPs on the lifestyle management of obese and overweight adults.