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Losing weight couldn't be easier - all you have to do is listen


NHS consultant endorses Thinking Slimmer for weight loss


NHS consultant Gideon Fdelton endorses Slimpod weight loss method - Thinking Slimmer               

THE effects of a Slimpod have been described as "profound and life-changing" by an NHS consultant psychiatrist who has endorsed its use after trialling it on himself.

Mr Gideon Felton, a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, (pictured left) found that he ate less, cut down on snacking and made healthier choices.

His independent and impartial assessment states that in his judgment there are no psychologically harmful techniques used in the Thinking Slimmer technique and he gives it his endorsement. 


Read the NHS consultant psychiatrist's independent report on Slimpods in full




Assessment of Thinking Slimmer

By Mr Gideon Felton, MRCPsych,

senior psychiatrist at the Central Middlesex Hospital


Motivation to enrol in Weight Loss Programme

I came to the conclusion that my fitness and ability to play sport had reached a ‘glass ceiling’ and that no amount of heavy physical training would benefit me unless I modified my diet.

Experience of Thinking Slimmer  

I used the Thinking Slimmer CD over 21 consecutive days in May 2011. My routine involved listening to this CD every evening at approximately 9pm. The CD lasts for approximately 10 minutes. I found listening to the CD had a dramatic impact on me. I noticed several processes working in parallel.

1) My daily intake of food lessened considerably. I ate at the same regular intervals but my meal sizes were smaller.

2) I felt more sustained by the food I ate at mealtimes, and found that snacking in between meals became less necessary.

3) My choices of food became more healthy.

 The net result of these processes was very beneficial. I found myself fitter with a far greater exercise tolerance. My stamina improved. I have always been a keen player in most sports but now find that I get more enjoyment from this as I am able to prolong my participation.


How to interpret this change 

I genuinely think that listening to this CD changed my attitude to eating. No hypnosis took place as I was fully alert and concious throughout the whole listening experience. I have studied hypnotherapy techniques extensively and I can safely say that no hypnotherapy technique was used. I think that the term ‘hypnotherapy’, when applied to this CD, is a totally incorrect way to describe how this CD works

I can also assert that no auto-suggestion was used. Auto-suggestion implies getting the patient to absorb a prescribed ‘mantra’ and incorporate this conciously and sub-conciously in their belief system. At no time was such a mantra introduced to the listener. Interestingly, the CD does not actually give any instructions to the listener. It does not ask the listener to keep a diary, nor does it order the listener specifically to change his/her hehaviour.

More importantly, no shock tactics are used. Frequently shock tactics outlining dramatic and unpleasant consequences of continued unhealthy habits have been employed in order to stun the recipient into a behavioural change. Refreshingly, this approach was not in evidence. This CD does not make the listener feel vulnerable, nor does it undermine his/her self esteem.

I believe that this CD works on Cognitive Dissonance. i.e. setting out a difference to the listener between his/her actual state of affairs and his/her desired state. Also reinforced by the CD is that this difference is easy to remedy, by reviewing his/her attitude to food.  General Practitioners, Health Visitors, Dieticians and Educators have increasingly taken on this role with varying degrees of success.


Overall, I have found no evidence of any psychologically dangerous mechanisms and on this basis, I am willing to endorse this CD on safety grounds. I have found the benefits of it profound and positively life-changing.


I am a fully qualified psychiatrist on the Specialist Register for General Adult Psychiatry and Substance Misuse Psychiatry. I am now on my Grace Period, having been awarded my C.C.T. in March this year. I am working at the Park Royal Centre for Mental Health at Central Middlesex Hospital. I am also level 2 trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.  I have attended training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, PsychoAnalytic Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.


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How we lead the world with our weight loss technique 

Thinking Slimmer is a world leader in the use of unconscious persuasion to help people change their lifestyle and lose weight. It is an official national partner of Change4Life, the Department of Health’s lifestyle and wellbeing campaign, and is the first company in the world to commission independent clinical trials into the effectiveness of voice recordings using unconscious persuasion to help people lose weight. Thinking Slimmer is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s guidance for GPs on the lifestyle management of obese and overweight adults.