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Your must-read quick start guide to using a Slimpod


* Begin by listening for at least 21 days in a row


Research shows it takes at least 21 days of repetition for the mind to begin retuning itself. This will START the changes you’ll begin to notice in the weeks ahead. Many people listen when they go to bed and fall asleep listening – which is good, as the ears are always awake. However, others are equally successful if they listen to their Slimpod first thing in the morning during snooze time.  Everyone’s different and what’s important is what works best for you.


* You don’t have to think about the words you hear


The words you hear are designed to influence your subconscious. You shouldn’t try to concentrate on what is said; just relax and aim to empty your mind of all thoughts. That’s when the Slimpod will work best. Trust it!


* Create your goals and then write them down


There’s something magical about writing down your goals. There is a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System, a network of nerve cells that act like radar, directing your attention to what’s important for you. When you write down goals and create a goal map it switches on your RAS, which then hones in on anything that will help you achieve those goals. A visual goal map is vital for programming your RAS most successfully. Here's a link to an online goal map app specially created for Slimpod users >>


* Fill in your Success Log every single day


You’ll find a contract with yourself and a 42-day Success Log in your handbook. Filling in the Success Log every day is an essential part of the process because everyone knows that seeing is believing. Completing the log just before you listen to your Slimpod each time is very important because it brings to mind the changes that are happening and prompts your RAS to help you produce more.  Put simply, you get more of what you focus on: So focus on good new habits and you’ll get more good habits. If you haven't got your handbook, here's a link >>


* You can listen to two Slimpods


If you have a second Slimpod such as the Chocoholic Cure or Beat That Sweet Tooth, you can listen to it as well as a weight loss Slimpod.  One after the other works well or you can listen to them at separate times if you prefer.  When you’re well on your way to your slimming target, then you can consider changing over to Slimpods such as Keep Weight Loss Going. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to change Slimpods if you feel the first one is working well.


* Join the Facebook Slimpod Club


As your goal is to make significant lifestyle changes that will help achieve the inch-loss you desire, we recommend you join our Slimpod Club community on the Thinking Slimmer Facebook page. Here's a link to our page >>

Click on the Slimpod Club graphic under the main picture on the Facebook page to apply to join. It's a closed group so you’ll be able to share your progress or ask for support from fellow Slimpodders in private. 


* Keep listening for as often and as long as it takes


Keep listening to your Slimpod daily until you feel confident you’re well on the way to achieving your goals. How long this takes depends on how much weight you want to lose. We recommend you use the Slimpod daily for a minimum of 42 days and then you’ll be able to decide how much longer you need to listen to it. Looser clothes and how you feel are the most reliable guide. Weight takes years to put on so it won’t suddenly disappear overnight!


* If you think you stop noticing changes...


After a while the changes the Slimpod is making become “normal” behaviour – like your old behavior used to be – so you may stop noticing further differences. You may even start thinking the Slimpod isn’t working. If this happens it’s important to keep listening because the Slimpod is continuing to work in the background, reinforcing and building upon all the changes to make them permanent.


Thinking Slimmer founder Sandra Roycroft-Davis has a special message for you >>