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Losing weight couldn't be easier - all you have to do is listen

       Hello, welcome to Thinking Slimmer. Let me start by answering the important questions on your mind

What is a Slimpod?   How does it work?   Why is a Slimpod so different?

Slimpods are unique voice recordings which help people to be in control of what they eat and lose weight..
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Slimpods cleverly guide the mind to achieve goals like dropping two sizes, not specific weight targets.
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It's not a diet so you don’t need willpower. And by changing eating habits our weight loss method can be lasting
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Do you use hypnosis?   Is it medically approved?   How do I lose weight?

Our modern approach to the science of unconscious persuasion is very different although the effects can be just as powerful.

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Slimpods have been used, studied and endorsed by an NHS consultant psychiatrist who found it "profound and life changing."

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By listening for 10 minutes a day you retune your mind to eat less and do more. No diet, no pills, no calorie counting.

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Meet the Voice of the Slimpods   How a Slimpod changed my life   Why I love my brilliant Slimpod

                                                         * Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person

Start easy weight loss and losing weight easily today with a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer

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