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Losing weight couldn't be easier - all you have to do is listen

       Did you buy your Slimpod direct from Amazon and
           want to obtain your benefits and handbook?



If you bought your Slimpod from the Amazon website, rather than directly from Thinking Slimmer, then first of all - Hello, good to have you with us.

The Amazon site has restrictions on what we can tell you, so you're probably wondering how you obtain your membership details. You'd probably also like to obtain your personal handbook and success log.

We've made it really simply for you: Just send an email to

and tell us your full name, email address and which product you bought. Please put the words Amazon Buyer in the subject field. We will set up your membership as quickly as we can and will email you a copy of your handbook.

That's all it takes.

We're sorry but if you buy a used Slimpod from anywhere we are unable to give you any membership benefits or give you online support.