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Passionate about giving you an easier and lasting way to lose weight

Why Slimpod?

  • Lose weight easily, no willpower needed

  • Lasting changes to your lifestyle

  • No dieting, special food, shakes, pills

  • Takes only 10 minutes a day

Endorsed By Consultant

“I have found the benefits to be profound and positively life-changing”

Mr Gideon Felton, NHS consultant

Cut Down On Alcohol

Includes FREE Power Shower For The Mind worth £17.99

Cut Down On Alcohol

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Product Features

  • Helps you to cut down on how much you drink

  • Finally you'll know when to stop - and be able to do it

  • You'll still have fun because now you'll be in control

  • Comes with free Power Shower bonus worth £17.99

Product Description

This powerful habit-breaker won’t stop you drinking altogether but it can give you the confidence and control to be able to stop after a glass or two, or whenever you choose enough is enough. The perfect complement to any of our weight loss Slimpods. You can buy with confidence because our products come with a money-back guarantee (T&Cs apply).

IF we’re honest, most of us will admit we need to drink a little less. A glass of wine or two in the evening is nice but when it becomes half a bottle or more then we know we’re not doing ourselves any favours. But if cutting down was a conscious decision then everyone would be able to do it, wouldn’t they?

Only your unconscious mind has the power to put you firmly in control. So our Cut Down On Alcohol Slimpod, created by our Harley Street specialists in behavioural change, can gently retune your mind to want to drink less and to know when you want to stop.

Imagine how fantastic it would feel to be able to say No and enough becomes enough even quicker. You’d still be able to have fun being the you who’s in control, because this is not about stopping drinking but drinking in a new controlled way.

The added confidence which goes with that control can expand into other areas of your life. And just think how much sugar there is in wine - you'd be cutting down your calorie intake, too.

You're probably thinking this seems too good to be true - so look at all the great feedback from people like you who once thought the same. To give you total confidence, sign up to Slimpod and if you're not 100 per cent happy we guarantee we'll refund your money in full (T&Cs apply).

Please note that this Slimpod is not designed to tackle serious drink problems. If you are worried about your alcohol consumption or feel you have a dependency on it, you should consult your GP.

Thinking Slimmer is a world leader in the use of unconscious persuasion to help people to lose weight and change their lifestyle. It is an official national partner of Change4Life, the Department of Health’s lifestyle and wellbeing campaign, and is the first company in the world to commission independent clinical trials into the effectiveness of voice recordings using unconscious persuasion to help people lose weight.

Thinking Slimmer is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s draft guidance for the lifestyle management of obese and overweight adults.
A Slimpod is a unique voice recording you listen to for 10 minutes a day that uses cutting edge scientific techniques to gently retune your mind to have a different relationship to food. Listen every day for the first 21 days so the changes can begin to take effect then keep on listening for as often and as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

Download your free personal handbook and follow its guidance carefully. It’s important to do this because a Slimpod is so different from anything you’ve done before. In the handbook is a contract with yourself which you should fill in because this will prompt your mind to keep you on course for success.

Make sure you read the section on goal-setting because using a Slimpod is like any journey - you need to know where you’re going so the Slimpod can take you there. Share your goals with family or friends because it’s a well-known fact that if you make your goals public you’re more likely to achieve them.

Your handbook contains a success log. It’s crucial to fill this in every day with the little differences you’re noticing in your lifestyle – because change can be so magical and seeing is believing. In the early weeks, changes begin to happen on the inside so you want to make sure you notice them by writing them down.
This Slimpod, specially created by our Harley Street team, is based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of behavioural change.

Can be listened to as a CD or an instant download. Downloads can be loaded on to most mobile phones, smartphones and tablets as well as MP3 players such as the iPod.

Slimpods feature the soothing voice of Trevor Silvester, one of the world’s leading experts in this field, who will gently guide you into breaking habits that may have dogged you for years.

For a limited time only, this Slimpod comes with a FREE BONUS track, Power Shower For Your Mind, worth £17.99, which you can use any time you need to wash away the mental grime of your day.

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