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*Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person

We dropped one size

  We dropped two sizes or more   We  cured our cravings

» Suzy: My lowest-ever adult weight

» Smirti: I don't need cream cakes now

» Carly: I call this my super no-diet diet

» Mary: I've shifted that final dress size

» Suzanne: Back in my pre-preggie jeans


We exercised

the weight off

» Catherine: Slimpod + MuTu is magic

» Becca: Snickers to a marathon

» Sharon: I've lost 50lbs by running

» Darin: I lost 68lbs and ran marathon


» Barbara: Size 28 to size 16 so far

» Sarah: My body shape has been transformed

» Rachael: I've gone down 4 sizes

» Wendy: I've beaten my bingeing

» Alice: I lost 22lbs for my wedding

» Dawn: I've lost an amazing 70lbs

» Alison: I lost 18lbs in just 11 weeks

» Jackie: It works, I'll never diet again

» Vic: I've got my body back again

» Daisy: I'm not a pool whale any more



» Katie: I was a grazer, a binger and a chocoholic all rolled into one

» Lauren: I'm saving £5 a day on chocolate

» Cassandra: I really was a chocoholic

» Cathy: At last I can say No to chocolate now

» Jo: I no longer drink six cans of Coke a day

» Goodbye my sweet, a hilarious blog you'll love

We've got inspiring stories to tell


» Helen: I feel in my 20s again

» Beryl: I'm so happy at 71

» Susan: My life changing experience

» Karen: Back in my size 12 jeans

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Why's that, do you think...By the way, all our people are real, not models

      *Please note: Everyone is different so results can vary from person to person

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"I thought this had to be a con. Well, 21 days after starting my Slimpod I have lost 17lbs and my waist has shrunk by four inches. Now I need a new pair of trousers, too"
- Slimpod user Glenn Thompson

"It's as if the Slimpod has reached into my mind and turned down the volume on my appetite."

- Slimpod user Barbara Greenwood

"Slimpod is the easiest, most simple way of losing weight I've ever tried."

- Slimpod user Jo Hallam





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