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Losing weight couldn't be easier - all you have to do is listen


The Slimpod must be magic. Sometimes even people who

see me every day stop me and say ‘You’ve lost weight, Suzy'

     Suzy-Purcell-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer    
* Please note: everyone is different so results can vary from person to person

    * The old Suzy was 11st, the new Suzy is 8st 10lbs

    * She's reached her lowest adult weight ever

    * "I feel in total control of what I eat now"

WHEN Suzy Purcell’s brother died of a heart attack at the age of 34 as he nursed his nine-month-old son it was a tragic wakeup call for Suzy to improve her diet, change her lifestyle and lose weight. “A post mortem showed he had a thinning of the artery wall and it was possibly something hereditary as my grandma and great grandma both died the same way," says Suzy.

“This meant my sister and I needed to have full checks on our hearts. Thankfully we both came back with no problems but that day the doctor was very firm with me and explained that I was overweight and if it didn't change there were no guarantees I wouldn't have problems in the future.”

Suzy, 32, a mother of two who is married to a soldier and lives in Aldershot, had struggled with her weight for 10 years but diets, tablets, special food and spinning classes never produced lasting results. The problem was that Suzy was a self-confessed greedy eater and at 4ft 11in even being a stone overweight was a lot extra to carry.

Then Suzy discovered Slimpods, unique voice recordings created by Harley Street specialists in behavioural change, which gently retune the mind to eat less, choose better and do more.

           Suzy-Purcell-face-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer  

Suzy is losing

weight with

Drop Two

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“I'm finally seeing such a huge difference in my eating now,” says Suzy. “For the first time since I was a little girl I am in total control of food and so far I have lost about 1 stone 1 lb, taking me to my lowest ever adult weight of 8st 11lbs. Look at that picture of me in the blue dress - today I'm a comfortable size 10 and can even get into a few size 8 outfits

“My target for Christmas was to reach 9st 2lbs and thanks to my Slimpod I’ve smashed it easily. Now I'm down below below 9 stone for the first time since I was a child - in fact, I'm down to 8st 11lbs and falling. I've never felt more confident or more happy - I look in the mirror every day and smile instead of feeling sad.

“I am eating what I want when I want. However now I'm seeing changes like craving more fruit. I’m wanting to eat my evening meal (I used to skip this a lot to reduce my food intake) and still having a little chocolate and wine I really wanted this to work and sometimes still can't believe it does.

Lose-weight-like-Suzy-Purcell-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer

“The Slimpod must be magic. I’m really happy but sometimes I still can’t believe it’s really happening. Even people who see me every day stop me and say ‘You’ve lost weight, Suzy.”’

“I’m at my lowest weight since my early teens and I’m a whole stone lighter than on my wedding day 10 years ago – even though I’ve had two children since then.

“When I see pictures of myself the way I used to be I have to laugh. One person on Twitter asked if I’d Photoshopped the picture as I am so different now.

“Because I’ve lost even more weight than I dreamed was possible I’ve found that the smaller clothes I always wanted to fit into are too big for me now. They’ve become redundant so I’m looking out for another new wardrobe now.”

                               Suzy-Purcell-makeup-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer                                                                       

                      Suzy gets the finishing touches to her makeup and hair at

                                       our photoshoot at Debenhams store in Oxford Street

Suzy’s weight battle began at university, when three years of constant partying and eating very badly made sure that when she graduated July 2003 she was her heaviest at just over 11 stone.

“I met my husband on Boxing Day 1999 and he’s never seen me at this low weight before,” she says.

Thinking Slimmer’s founder Sandra Roycroft-Davis says: “Many people diet because they think there's no other way. Now we’ve changed all that, making it possible to lose weight and love the skin you’re in.

Constant dieting often has horrendous psychological effects manifesting in low confidence, obsession with calories, deprivation, bingeing and generally feeling out of control.  I’m very proud that our Slimpods reverse these effects and help people have a normal relationship with food.”


   Suzy-Purcell-dress-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer


Suzy looks stunning in

these gorgeous

outfits from the new

Debenhams range


Suzy-Purcell-pink-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer


 Suzy-Purcell-success-face-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer  

Suzy is losing

weight with

Drop Two

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Lose-weight-like-Suzy-Purcell-easy-simple-natural-lasting-weightloss-Slimpods - Thinking-Slimmer