Healthy lifestyle for a family: 5 top tips

15th May 2014

By Nichola Whitehead, guest blogger.

HEALTHY lifestyle for all the family stems from healthy eating. So how do you achieve this for all your family members? In my video I’ve outlined five of the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle which will leave you feeling more energised, healthy and most of all happy in the knowledge that you’re keeping your body healthy. After all, it’s the only place you have to live!

The tips apply to both adults and children alike…


Tip 1: Get children involved in reading food labels and get to know what your putting into your body – the shorter the ingredients (in general!) the better! Aim to buy fewer products where sugar is either the first or second ingredient. Check out my Healthy Food Shopping List for inspiration!

Tip 2: Allow children to be involved in planning and preparing meals – plan your family meals and school snacks for the week ahead and cook in bulk to save time on busier nights. Check out my Supermarket Shopping Tips for more information!

Tip 3: Teach children healthy eating habits (at the table!) and slow down your eating – allow your brain the time it needs to register that you’re eating (20 minutes). Do you really need that dessert?! If so, keep it a healthy dessert 🙂

Tip 4: Children and adults, in general, should drink more water – all fluid counts towards hydration but you can’t beat water for between meals as it’s kind to teeth too!

Tip 5: We all need to get enough sleep – adults should aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night (watch the video to find out why it’s so important!). For information on how much sleep children need check out NHS Choices.



Nichola Whitehead is a UK Specialist Dietitian, Blogger & Vlogger and she creates healthy recipes that taste amazing, as well as sharing healthy diet tips. You can check out her website, YouTube channel,  Facebook,  & Twitter.


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