Ainsley Harriott’s meal planning tips

1st October 2013

TV cook Ainsley Harriott has some great tips on how you can cook more healthy meals for your family  and I’ve chosen my favourites from the Change4Life website. We’re working with the experts at Change4Life to spread the healthy lifestyle message, and Ainsley Harriott’s advice is a great way to start.

Plan, plan and plan!

If you plan your meals in advance, you’re less likely to eat snacks and convenience food – and more likely to save money and eat healthily. Plus you’ll be able to look forward to your meals more too!

Keep it in the cupboard

Keeping pulses such as butter beans and chick peas in the cupboard means you’ll always have the basics for a tasty meal, add them to anything like chilli or shepherd’s pie for some extra flavour and fibre. Cans of tomatoes, tins of tuna and tinned vegetables are also really useful to have, and it’s always worth stocking up on rice and pasta so that they’re there when you need them.

Ainsley Harriott TV chef tips on healthy eating

Recycle leftovers

When making dinner, why not use any leftovers for lunch the next day or put it in the freezer. That way you can have a healthy lunch waiting for you, or the next time you’re pressed for time and need a quick meal, there’ll be something ready in the freezer.

Ditch the takeaway

Cutting back on takeaways could save you up to £800 a year and inches off your waist! You can rustle up quick meals at home such as curries and sweet and sour dishes – and they’re easier to make than you’d think.

So thanks to Ainsley Harriott for that really helpful advice and some great tips and healthier living.

There’s more important advice about healthy eating on the Change4Life website >>

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