How to change the script of your life that causes self-sabotage

27th January 2020

I’VE been helping people to lose weight for over a decade and there’s one thing I learned early on which has never changed: If you fear that you won’t lose weight, then you probably never will.

My Boot Camp video this week is all about lack of self-belief and how that can lead to self-sabotage.

Once the rot sets in, you can so easily get trapped in a downward spiral that really holds you back.

The more time goes on, the more you’ll continue to believe that you can’t lose weight.

And you’ll then start finding lots of reasons to back up your limiting thoughts.

You must face this self-doubt or it will control you for ever. Here’s my video this week:


** So many of the beliefs around your weight have started in childhood or teenage years, and they create an idea that over time becomes an ingrained self-limiting belief.

** Believe in yourself. I want you to have courage, trust yourself and have faith that you can bash through your self-doubt. The mind and body are linked. Our thoughts really matter.

** Give yourself kind messages and be nice to your body. It will respond and let go of the fat it’s been storing for years and the coat of armour it’s been using to protect itself for so long.

This week’s task

Take a few quiet moments to think about your life and the story you’ve been telling yourself for years.

What’s the pattern of behaviour that keeps you stuck?

What are the beliefs you’ve adopted that need to be changed for you to move on?

How would you change the script, the story that you keep playing over and over again?

Next week’s bonus

I’ve had so many positive comments about the Boot Camp that I’m giving you a bonus – an extra week of help and advice. Watch out for my Boot Camp bonus next week.

Useful links

Boot Camp week one video

Boot Camp week two video

Boot Camp week three video

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Drop me a comment below and tell me if you suffer from limiting beliefs about your weight and/or your self-sabotage.  Would love to know if my video has helped you in some way!

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This could be my problem. I can’t visualise myself slim again. Convincing myself otherwise won’t be easy but I’ll give it a good try.

Lisa McDaid

Really needed to hear this. Self sabotage is at an all time high!

Susan Dobbs

Thank you Sandra your video has helped me a great deal.
I am really determined, this is my third week, and your slim pod is amazing.
I am 75 basically fit, but would love to lose two stone.
I don’t do Facebook or any of the other “things” so it is great to still be able to stay in touch. Kind regards Sue Dobbs

Pat harrison

Hi Sandra just to say I have really enjoyed the boot camp videos and they have really struck home especially this weeks. I would like to say when I started last September I was very down I have always been half empty never half full but recently been a much more positive person that is a big win for for me thank you x


Listening to you I realise my script is ‘I’m a sugar addict, I can never and will never be able to resist the cake, biscuits etc that are always so available wherever I go, even when they are banned at home’ . Makes me feel powerless and a victim to my desires.

Sue storr

That was, so good sandra I’ve been doing this all my life yoyoing back and forth and not believing I could lose weight and keep it off x well no more!!! New me watch this space x


I am changing my self-talk from “I’ve tried everything and can’t lose weight” to telling my body it can let go of the fat. It doesn’t need protection any more.

Mathoothe Mositi

Hi Sandra thanks for the nice vedio I once bought the programme but fell off the track when I tried joining in the group on Facebook and I didn’t get a positive support as I wasn’t using Fitbit but sumsang watch

Vivienne Robertson

I am not using a Fitbit? Or samsung? How does that matter please explain as I am new and not bumped into such negativity at all.

Eva Myers

This video really struck a chord with me! It explains a lot; why I start a project and quit half way because I don’t believe I’m as good as the next person – I’ve almost stuck my head above the parapet! I’m often told that I constantly put myself down. The secret me longs to be slim, trim and the envy of others but the other me longs to be one of the crowd and not stand out. It’s like my place is below the wall and self gratification is not an option. Stop being silly, behave, do as you’re told when I want your opinion I’ll ask for it…..all echoes from childhood.
Thank you Sandra for making me think.

Carol Clark

I have really enjoyed all the Boot Camp videos but this weeks especially as self sabotage is definitely something I have done over the years. I am going to try everything you suggested.


Thank you 😊
These are amazing. I have just listened to all four.
How do I get number five?

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