Your brain’s a learning machine so teach it good daily habits

3rd February 2020

FOR the past few weeks I’ve been running a free Boot Camp to help everyone get 2020 off to the best possible start. This week I’ve got an extra bonus week for you!

If you’ve only recently joined the Slimpod family you can quickly catch up because I’ve put links lower down in the blog to the first four weeks. So you’ll be able to watch all the videos and catch up on the advice I’ve been giving.

This week I’m looking at habits. The secret of success is in your daily routine!  This is what I talk about in this week’s video plus a whole lot more!

Here’s the video…


**  Our daily life is one big habit.  Habits are the repeated small decisions you make and the actions you perform every day. Your life up until now is basically the sum total of your habits – and that can be a scary thought for some!

**  Your brain is an amazing piece of kit and is incredibly adaptable.  If it’s taken you in a direction that’s unhelpful, it can just as easily switch direction!

**  Consistency and repeating the good behaviours is the key – but it’s what people find so difficult to do!  The most effective way is to start with something small that you can build into your life without too much effort.

**  This then starts to become automatic, which is when your subconscious takes control – you just don’t have to think about it anymore.

This week’s task

Go back over the goals you set at the start of the month. Which ones have you achieved? And which ones are getting closer every day?

Now re-set those goals for the next four weeks if you need to. This will help you keep the momentum going – and use your groups or the people in Slimpod Club to keep you accountable.

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Boot Camp week one

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Boot Camp week three

Boot Camp week four

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Drop me a comment below and tell me how you’re getting on with creating new healthy habits – and how you did it! Would love to know if my video has helped you in some way!

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Susan Dobbs

For the first time ever I am doing extremely well after 65years of constant dieting!I was also bullied at school with girls hiding in bushes singing Roll Out The Barrell one never forgets these cruelties, fortunately I can now laugh about it! Thank you so much for your help and advice Sandra.Kind regards Sue Dobbs


Brilliant advice, thank you Sandra. I feel much calmer and more in control.

Sonia Clarke

I am really enjoying the journey I’ve started exercising at home every morning and I get full very quickly I still need to work on my snacking I have been sugar free since sept 18


Slimpod is the best discovery I have made. Since starting the programme I have become so much calmer and actually feel in control. I have stopped drinking alcohol and binge eating and feel amazing. So glad I took the chance and got on board.

Patricia harrison

Hi after listening I think I need to reset my goals I have also not listened to my pod a couple of times so my goal is to listen every night to my pod.


I’m doing well thanks. Lots of little changes I’ve noticed . I don’t do the scales now and I’ve said goodbye to SW.


I am amazed at how easy it has been to stop eating chocolate, and I have had no desire to pick between meals.
A small thing but today I had to tighten my watch strap! Thank you, I now feel quite positive about losing weight for the first time in 65 years.

Faith Hill

Only little changes but none to my measurements.
I want to be the person I am meant to be and be happy with my body


The videos are the boost I needed to start the year. Thank you.

Jane Thatcher

I’ve had a bad few weeks. Your video on habits really do make sense. I have to think positive and think slim and not feel like caving in at the first hurdle

Marion Preston

I find habits the most difficult thing to do something about. The food is swallowed before I realise it.


Hi Sandra,
I am only just catching up with your blogs :(.
I have a demanding job that robs me of time to read my personal emails, too busy answering my work emails. Don’t think i’ve been doing everything quite right, but am listening to my slimpod every night. however I have definitely noticed small changes already. hoping a week away from work will help me catch up with the videos etc. Thanks for the encouragement – binged on your videos instead of food tonight :).
Kindest regards,

Amanda Dobson

Hi Sandra, I am on day 4 of Slimpod and finding it easy and enjoyable, the pods are all ready working and I’m not wanting to snack.My problem is perhaps a little different as I am afraid of loosing weight rather than not loosing. I was an over weight child, I didn’t get bullied, rather I was invisible to others. Then I lost a lot of weight age 12/13 and suddenly I was not invisible anymore and something bad happened. In fact at each point I have lost a lot of weight I have attracted attention I did not want.
I have just finished a long course of psychotherapy, and it has made a huge difference in my life, but I’m 62 now and the fear has been with me a long time.
Can you suggest any ways I can combat this need to sabotage weight loss with binge eating sugar?

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