Brain power: Plan ahead for weight loss

14th April 2015

By Trevor Silvester

WE have amazing brains. We’re probably the only species which can forward plan to the degree that we can – useful if you’ve got a big event some months in the future that you want to look your best for. It means you can start to plan your eating and hunt for the outfit that will fit you by then. In theory this ability should make losing weight easier because our brains also love reasons for things. Give it a reason to lose weight and you’re more likely to.

The only fly in the low-calorie salad dressing is that our brain finds it hard to keep excited about something that’s not happening today, so when it comes to a choice between that yummy cake in front of you, or looking great in three months’ time, then usually your brain releases a reward chemical called dopamine in favour of the immediate gratification.

Which is why we need to understand how the brain works in order to get it to do our bidding.

There are more things to know than I have room to tell you here, but a big help is to create something that will reward you today – and which will also get you looking how you want to further down the road.

Here’s my tip. Think of three or four small things you can do each day which if you did them would add up to the difference you want to see on the scales when you get to your target day.

The secret is to make them small, things that are easy to do – but also easy to not do. Things that won’t make a difference on a daily basis, but will add up to a big change further down the line – like 15 minutes of exercise a day, eating ‘x’ food each day, only eating one ‘y’ food each day. That kind of thing.

Write them down, put them somewhere prominent, tick off doing them EVERY day and reward yourself when you have. Added to your Slimpod they could incrementally add up to the difference you want to make.

Good luck 🙂

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