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Lynn’s amazing story will lift you up and inspire you

2nd November 2020

FEELING supported is the backbone of any weight loss journey, whether it’s by family, friends or a group of like-minded people. I’m SO proud that people say the support they get on our programme is one of the best they’ve experienced. Within Slimpod Club, our


Stop eating sugar right now and feel the amazing benefits

5th October 2020

SUGAR:  Do you cut down or go cold turkey? The benefits of either are amazing!  Slimpodder Ava Brodie used her sugar pod, which comes as part of the Slimpod Gold programme, then decided she needed to take more drastic action. I hope her video story will inspire


Confidence, self-esteem and weight loss

5th December 2018

HERE at Slimpod HQ we’re often talking about empowerment, confidence and choices and in this video I discuss the importance of having that inner confidence DURING the journey to lasting weight loss  – and not just when you stand on the scales. There’s also a


Inspiring Boot Camp feedback

20th February 2017

WE just completed our Slimpod Club six week Boot Camp and I thought I’d share some of the inspiration that came from the people who were there until the end of those six weeks! It’s amazing what can be achieved when you do something consistently


Lose baby fat with ease using Slimpod

18th October 2016

WANT to lose baby fat with ease? You’ll be inspired by Suzanne Trisk’s Slimpod success. As a young mother of two, Suzanne barely had a moment to call her own. Before she started listening to a Slimpod she had no time to think about what


Overcoming that fear of failure

10th October 2016

SOMEONE once said that the only thing we need to be afraid of is fear itself. For many people, this manifests itself when they think about making a real attempt at losing weight but something stops them – the fear of failure. This happens because


Inspiring Slimpod stories: amazing Anni!

28th June 2016

FEW of the inspiring Slimpod stories I get are as unique as the one I just love from Anni Cameron, of Winsford, Cheshire. She’s about to do a fun run to raise money – to get herself a new lightweight wheelchair for her favourite sport of


Running for fun makes Darin a star

28th June 2016

HAVE you seen the hashtag #medalmonday on Facebook? It’s the lovely way a group of runners inspire each other by showing each other the medals they’ve won every weekend. You’ll have seen the remarkable story of Slimpodder Darin McCloud in the emails I send out.


Weight loss & mind: grandma knew best

1st June 2016

When people start on our Slimpod programmes, they generally begin to notice changes in their behaviour towards food and exercise.  Maybe a certain food doesn’t seem so appetising any more, maybe they are motivated to do a certain exercise that they had never considered before.


Joy of Slimpod Marathon runner No 5

25th April 2016

MARATHON runners are amazing! Six years ago, when Slimpods were launched, Smirti Kotecha was one of the first people to achieve success by losing weight and keeping it off. Now I’m even more proud of her because she’s become the fifth Slimpodder to run the


Share the magic of our Slimpod Club

20th April 2016

THOUGHT I’d share with everyone a little glimpse into our private Slimpod Club group on Facebook because it’s a source of constant inspiration for our Slimpod members and me, too! I just love the group and the magical changes that people experience to their eating habits


Weight loss wizard’s cycling across Cuba

23rd April 2014

WEIGHT loss wizard Darin McCloud is truly an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Tomorrow he’s flying to Cuba to take part in a 195-mile cycle ride. What makes that so extraordinary? Well, three years ago Darin weighed over 20 stones


Slimpods show me food is a fuel I burn

14th April 2014

TO go from almost giving up on your weight to becoming a two-times London Marathon runner is a huge achievement. That’s what Becca Jones has done and I’m really pleased she’s agreed to write this guest blog in the hope it will inspire others


Slimpod + MuTu changes a mum’s life

26th March 2014

WE all know what having a baby can do to your figure so I was thrilled to read an amazing message of hope from a new mum who’s on the Slimpod + MuTu programme. Her name is Amy and she’s got an inspiring story to tell:


Achieve and believe, great things happen

17th March 2014

I’M bursting to show you the most remarkable pictures I’ve ever seen that show the power of Slimpods to help you believe and achieve. This is Darin with double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes at the weekend as they competed together


Achieving a 30-year Marathon dream

1st March 2014

“IT’S only taken 30 years – but it’s never too late to reach your dreams.” Those are the inspiring words of Barbara Greenwood, who after a lifetime of battling with her weight has realised her dream by running in the London marathon and has raised well over


Weight Beryl lost stays off, two years later

19th February 2014

GOT this letter today and it has filled me with pride. It’s from a lovely lady called Beryl Turner who found a new lease life two years ago after losing more than 28lbs with her Slimpod at the age of 71.  “For the first time I’ve


Flatter tummy that looks how you want it

11th February 2014

THOUSANDS of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And thousands are discovering a strong core, a flatter tummy and all-over tone and fitness with MuTu System. When both are used together – Slimpod + MuTu


Happiness of a Slimpod winner!

20th January 2014

I just needed to tell everyone about this because it’s amazing how things happen in life. Last year we worked with Prima magazine and ran a competition giving away Slimpods. A few months later I had an email from a lady who had won one


Losing weight makes me young again!

11th January 2014

“LOSING weight is not just watching what we eat, psychology has to play a huge part too.” So says Helen Davies, a Slimming World woman of the year who lost five stone on their eating plan but knew that only a change in her mindset would


Food and diets are no longer my master

7th January 2014

I LOVE getting your emails, texts and messages about food and diets because you tell me the most brilliant stories about how your lives are changing because of Slimpods. A couple of days ago I was thrilled by this email from Denise Gray


Slimmer Sarah star of Woman magazine

2nd December 2013

I love it when one of our Slimpod ladies decides to knock ’em dead and do a glamorous photoshoot for a magazine. Sarah Elliston is our latest success story and she looked absolutely fab in a full-page feature in the Christmas issue of Woman.


Katie slips back into her party dress

5th November 2013

WHEN Katie Dial’s favourite party dress wouldn’t do up by four whole inches of zip, she vowed she would lose enough weight in 10 weeks to be able to slip back into it. And she did! By listening to one of our Slimpods she not only


I climbed Everest and put on weight!

30th September 2013

IMAGINE what it feels like to use all of your energy to climb three miles up Mount Everest only to discover you’ve put on weight. That’s what happened to Karen Bosman. But back at sea level she’s found her Slimpod has helped her lose weight easily


So proud of our Marathon Slimpodders

28th September 2013

STANDING in the pouring rain outside Buckingham Palace today, waiting for the Thinking Slimmer Marathon runners to come past convinced me I have the best job in the world. Being able to help people like Darin, Becca and Dawn is so rewarding.


Dreams really can come true, you see

25th September 2013

HERE’S proof that dreams can come true. I just love this picture! Debbie Cox and Becca Jones have come so far with their Slimpods and seeing them both together in this picture made me very emotional! Last Sunday was the Brighton Half Marathon


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