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Slimpod vs Noom: what’s the difference?

9th March 2021

ONE of the questions I have been asked more and more frequently lately is about the differences between Slimpod vs Noom, so I thought I’d take time to address them here. Behavioural change and its link to weight loss is being over-used right now because


How Gill rediscovered her weight loss mojo

10th February 2021

This week I’m SO delighted to be bringing you a Slimpodder’s weight loss experience with a bit of a twist. It’s one that I’m sure will resonate with lots of you as we all struggle with the ever-changing landscape of lockdown and uncertainty about when


Now the magical Slimpod Live chats are on video every week

11th February 2020

SINCE the start of January I’ve been hosting our regular Slimpod Club live chats via video within the private group on Facebook.  I’ve been chatting about some crucial elements of our programme and why certain daily actions are important for your success. So far we’ve


Stop self-sabotage by being positive about your body

24th June 2019

SELF-SABOTAGE is one of the biggest obstacles people face. So let’s talk about ways of knocking it on the head through body positivity! The past three weeks of the Summer Challenge have focussed on creating effective goals, healthy eating and exercise – but healthy eating


Is happiness a number?

6th March 2019

THE lady on the phone was adamant when I asked her what would make her happy. “Getting down to 9st 7lbs,” she insisted. It was an interesting answer. But not as interesting as her answer to my next question. “So if you’d lost two stones


How to control your weight at Christmas

20th December 2018

WELL, it’s almost Christmas and that time of year when everywhere you look is wall to wall party food, mince pies, chocolates and booze. It’s really easy to overeat and SO many people really pile on the pounds and regret it afterwards. I bet you


Vlog: Minds in harmony to achieve lasting weight loss

23rd January 2018

Ever wondered why losing weight seems to be a never ending battle?  Ever wondered why willpower just doesn’t last? Did you realise that you have two important parts to your mind and they both have to work together in order for you to lose weight and


Be honest: Are the scales your friend or your foe?

23rd October 2017

ONE of the most common things people in our Slimpod Community on Facebook raise with me is their relationship with the weighing scales. One lady asked if I could help her to understand more about the effect the scales have on her emotions because she


Drop a size in time for the Christmas partying!!

18th October 2017

YOU ask, we listen! Following a great discussion in our Facebook Slimpod Club community last week, we’ll be launching on October 30th a 30-day drive to Drop a Size In Time For The Christmas Partying! In Slimpod Club between now and October 30th I’ll be


How to create good health habits that stick

25th September 2017

RESEARCH shows that habits account for about 40 per cent  of our behaviour every day, so you can understand why it’s so important to create good health habits that stick, because this is one of the key secrets to lasting weight loss. My Autumn Success


Top tips on achieving your goals consistently

18th September 2017

LAST week I kicked off the Autumn Success Drive and I asked you to set a goal to achieve. I got a lot of feedback about some of your negative feelings towards goals and we’re going to do more on the subject this week. Goals


Why the road to happiness should not be rushed

28th July 2017

I WAS at Tameside Hospital in Manchester on Monday visiting people who are on our  NHS/Slimpod programme and got very emotional when I heard the changes a lot of people are experiencing.  Yes, there’s weight loss, but it’s much deeper than this for so many.


Summer Boot Camp’s almost here

5th June 2017

MY super Summer Boot Camp starts on June 12! Get set for summer by taking part in my six week challenge – could this be the push and focus you need to get into those summer clothes? Take some action and boost your motivation. It’s all very


Join team on wine-tasting fun run

8th March 2017

  LAST year our Slimpod Athlete Darin McCloud took part in a half marathon with a difference.  It was held on a wine estate in Surrey and was literally a wine-tasting fun run!  I was very envious of Darin but didn’t manage to join him


Inspiring Boot Camp feedback

20th February 2017

WE just completed our Slimpod Club six week Boot Camp and I thought I’d share some of the inspiration that came from the people who were there until the end of those six weeks! It’s amazing what can be achieved when you do something consistently


Three things to do in Week Six

13th February 2017

HAVE you put yourself at the top of your To-Do List for the past five weeks? I know life gets in the way sometimes and it can be so difficult to be focussed on yourself. The thing is even if you have a busy life


Making weight loss inevitable

7th February 2017

By Trevor Silvester. I KNOW we’re almost halfway through February, but I want to talk about January the 1st!  I always used to think I’d be really busy every January helping people with their New Year resolutions. In fact, in my early days I wasted


Stop sabotaging your weight loss!

23rd January 2017

MY Week 3 Boot Camp video is about limiting beliefs and self-doubt – how they sabotage lasting weight loss (and what you can do about it). Every day I come into contact with people who have a constant battle with their bodies and their weight. 


Create daily habits to reach your goal

15th January 2017

LAST week’s Boot Camp was all about getting started with meaningful goal-setting.  This week I’ll be giving you tips on the best way to reach those goals you’ve set. Your goals will be your vision for what you want to achieve and as I explained


Put yourself at the top of your to-do list

9th January 2017

ALL too often we relegate ourselves to the bottom of the pile behind partners, children, parents, work and housework. This has to stop!  We need to be in tip-top condition to meet the demands of our hectic lives, so let’s pledge to crack this here


The Big Sugar Reduction Plan

10th October 2016

THE Sugar Reduction plan was launched on September 29, 2916, as part of the Government’s child obesity strategy. As I’m part of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Obesity, I was there to see the launch. Nearly a third of children aged 2 – 15 are


Counting calories can harm weight loss

13th June 2016

Counting calories keeps food at the front of your mind, which means you’re forced to constantly think about it. So should you be counting calories or points when you’re on a Slimpod programme? This is the first of a series of blog posts where I’ll be answering


Weight loss & mind: grandma knew best

1st June 2016

When people start on our Slimpod programmes, they generally begin to notice changes in their behaviour towards food and exercise.  Maybe a certain food doesn’t seem so appetising any more, maybe they are motivated to do a certain exercise that they had never considered before.


Healthy food makes the inches melt away

16th May 2016

FOR the next four weeks we’re going to have fun with food – not any old food but the right healthy food that will help the inches dissolve! We know that the Slimpod helps you automatically make healthier choices (because we’re all *supposed* to have learned


Use discipline to hit weight loss goals

9th May 2016

WEIGHT loss discipline is this week’s tiopic. As you’re the proud owner of a Slimpod you’ll already know how easy the programme is and you’ll be experiencing just how amazing your own mind is! So for week two of the eight-week Summer boot camp I thought I


Week One of your summer body boost

3rd May 2016

LET’S get started on our Summer Body Boost boot camp, an exclusive event for members of Slimpod Club, our private Facebook group. As you know, an essential part of the Slimpod programme is goalsetting so we’ll kick the next eight weeks off by working out


Slimmer Sarah star of Woman magazine

2nd December 2013

I love it when one of our Slimpod ladies decides to knock ’em dead and do a glamorous photoshoot for a magazine. Sarah Elliston is our latest success story and she looked absolutely fab in a full-page feature in the Christmas issue of Woman.


Lose mummy tummy with super Mutu

28th November 2013

MUMMY tummy can be hard to shift so I’m always looking for fitness programmes that will complement our Slimpods and Fitpods. I was very excited when I discovered the Mutu® system. I’m pleased to be able to recommend it


‘Healthy drink’ can put on weight

11th November 2013

DID you know there’s something you might be drinking every day because you think it’s a healthy drink which is actually making you put on weight? When I was a  girl, my mum always used to tell me to drink lots of orange juice because it would


Katie slips back into her party dress

5th November 2013

WHEN Katie Dial’s favourite party dress wouldn’t do up by four whole inches of zip, she vowed she would lose enough weight in 10 weeks to be able to slip back into it. And she did! By listening to one of our Slimpods she not only


I climbed Everest and put on weight!

30th September 2013

IMAGINE what it feels like to use all of your energy to climb three miles up Mount Everest only to discover you’ve put on weight. That’s what happened to Karen Bosman. But back at sea level she’s found her Slimpod has helped her lose weight easily


Diet pills are a curse, not a cure

28th September 2013

DIET PILLS – two words that give me the shivers. I was asked to comment on the effects of diet pills recently by a national newspaper and I didn’t mince my words! In my view, too many desperate people are lured into thinking weight loss


Sweet truth about chocolate cravings

25th September 2013

CHOCOLATE cravings can be very hard to stop because the massive sugar content in chocolate stimulates a part of our brain which is hugely powerful. When I tell people that being addicted to chocolate is just like being hooked on a drug like heroin they


Walk to school and you’ll all lose weight

25th September 2013

WHAT a lovely idea Walk to School Month is! Have you taken the plunge and ditched the car for the morning run? If not, then I’d like to convince you to walk to school, mainly because it can make such a huge difference to your kids’


Diet clubs treat us like criminals!

25th September 2013

I WAS really upset by the stories several ladies told me last week about the real-life effects of the diet clubs culture and the emotional connections it creates. They were made to feel bad by the people running their diet clubs because they had broken the


Breaking out of the failing diet cycle

25th September 2013

IF you’ve ever been on a diet and felt trapped in a cycle of doing well and then ruining it again and again, then you’re not alone! I speak to clients all the time who say they’ve “failed” at every diet they’ve tried, sometimes for


Tragedy as diet pills kill girl student

25th September 2013

MY advice to anyone considering diet pills is simple: Don’t do it. You could be risking your health and you’ll be kidding yourself if you think any weight loss will be lasting. I felt so sad this week when I read about Sarah Houston, from Leeds


4 out of 5 women slim down for summer

25th September 2013

FOUR out of five women aim to slim down by summer and April 22 is the day when they’re most likely to start losing weight to get into their summer beachwear. That’s what Asda found when they surveyed 2,000 women. Just over half of women have


Proof: Diets encourage overeating

24th September 2013

“THE scientific proof that diets make you fat.” That headline on the front page of the Daily Mail was a shocking wake-up call to the estimated 15 millions Britons who are on a diet at any one time. That’s one person in four! So here’s a question


Scales: are you really a slave to them?

24th September 2013

SCALES! You know you have a ‘diet head’ when your moods and emotions are dictated by them! So are you someone who feels great and in control when the number on the scales goes down a fraction and feels defeated and useless when your weight hasn’t


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