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Is happiness a number?

6th March 2019

THE lady on the phone was adamant when I asked her what would make her happy. “Getting down to 9st 7lbs,” she insisted. It was an interesting answer. But not as interesting as her answer to my next question. “So if you’d lost two stones


How a Slimpod and exercise help lift the dark cloud over Darin

15th May 2018

MENTAL health problems and obesity are very much linked . Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are common among people with obesity although it must be said that not all overweight people suffer from these issues. However, doctors warn that the stress of being obese in a size-obsessed society


Vlog: Minds in harmony to achieve lasting weight loss

23rd January 2018

Ever wondered why losing weight seems to be a never ending battle?  Ever wondered why willpower just doesn’t last? Did you realise that you have two important parts to your mind and they both have to work together in order for you to lose weight and


Keep calm and carry on is the new Xmas challenge!

27th November 2017

WELL, the 30 day challenge is almost over and there’s less than four weeks to go until Christmas…the busiest and most stressful time of the year for a lot of us. Mums have enough on their plates throughout the year and then it gets 10


More great healthy habit building strategies

2nd October 2017

LAST week I gave you three strategies for building new habits.   Make sure you let me know below how you’re doing with them! I also said last week that I’d be building on those and giving you  some more – so here goes! One thing


How sugar and fat affect your brain

30th March 2017

JUST read some fascinating research on the World Economic Forum website into how sugar and fat affect your brain. A diet high in sugar and saturated fat doesn’t just cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes but can also affect the way we learn, remember and think.


Eating vegetables reduces stress

20th March 2017

EATING vegetables reduces stress – especially among women. That’s the positive finding of some new research I’ve been reading about in the British Medical Journal Open. This is great news because it’s not widely known that stress is one of the reasons many people can


Use the power of positive thinking

15th November 2016

By Trevor Silvester. People ask me about positive thinking and something I say a lot to them is “you feed what you focus on”. By that I mean that our brain is choosing what to pay attention to every moment of the day out of the


Hypnotherapy for losing weight is so easy

24th November 2015

Hypnotherapy for losing weight is probably the easiest way to lose weight because unlike dieting it requires no willpower – in fact, no conscious effort at all! Imagine being able to lose weight without even thinking about it. That’s the huge appeal of hypnotherapy for losing


Confidence in Slimpod: No surgery

15th May 2015

SLIMPODDER Wendy Brotherwood, from Surrey, is proud of what she has achieved by Thinking Slimmer – and so she should be. She’s sent me a lovely before and after picture and adds modestly: “I’m not sure this picture shows much difference but if you could


Losing weight’s like running the marathon

17th April 2014

LOSING weight is a challenge, and seeing all those magnificent marathon runners made me think about what drives them to take up their huge physical and mental challenge. My dictionary defines motivation as “the desire or willingness to do


Anxiety: ‘Mind stuff’ helps me conquer it

3rd February 2014

I DON’T often blow my own horn but I really feel I need to write about something that happened last week which shows just how powerful the unconscious is, how it can work so well for us – and unfortunately work against us, too.


Unconscious mind’s role in losing weight

13th January 2014

I’M often asked about the conscious and unconscious minds – what they are and how they work in relation to Slimpods. Well first, what’s the difference between the two parts of our minds and what’s it got to do with weight loss?


Mindset: Losing weight’s all in the head

9th January 2014

HERE’S an amazing fact about mindset: Most women who go on a diet give up after five weeks and two days. So why do so many people keep on doing it year after year? Because it’s a habit. We think dieting or going to the gym


Stress of shopping too much for you?

27th December 2013

THE stress of battling your way round the shops can be a nightmare so you need to be able to chill out. In fact, I read a survey recently in which almost a quarter of us view shopping at busy times of the year as creating


Caffeine – ditch it for a winter body boost

27th December 2013

IF you’re having a lie-down in a darkened room you won’t need me to tell you how awful stress can feel. Trouble is, when we’re stressed our bodies are less resistant to infection. So it’s important to keep calm and carry on.


Tea’s so good for health and wellbeing

26th December 2013

DID you know that tea, a drink that’s been around for thousands of years, has some amazing properties? Green tea can help control your weight, according to research I read. White tea can help you look younger by smoothing out the wrinkles. Black tea 


Why a good soak works wonders

14th December 2013

TREAT yourself to a good soak in the bath and use a few drops of oil to help you to relax.Many of us have nice smelly oils in the bathroom (maybe a gift at Christmas) but do we all know the benefits they can bring?


Trevor Silvester: Is it too good to be true?

30th September 2013

Trevor Silvester is one of the world’s leading experts in changing behaviour through the use of words and is the Voice of the Slimpods. One of the questions Trevor Silvester is asked most often is: “Can a Slimpod really work in 21 days?” His honest answer


Mood: Smile with the natural ‘happy pill’

28th September 2013

“RAIN, rain, rain. This weather’s getting me down.” How often have you heard that? The way bad weather makes us miserable is proof of the powerful mind/body connection that links physical well-being with our mood. “Weather is a known catalyst for mood swings”


Sweet truth about chocolate cravings

25th September 2013

CHOCOLATE cravings can be very hard to stop because the massive sugar content in chocolate stimulates a part of our brain which is hugely powerful. When I tell people that being addicted to chocolate is just like being hooked on a drug like heroin they


Mind’s vital role in body confidence

25th September 2013

WHEN it comes to weight loss we focus a lot on the body—foods that will boost your fat burn and workouts for your six-pack. And while those things can help you slim down, a crucial, first step on the road to lasting weight loss is


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