Category: Smoothies

Carrot, Orange and Pineapple Smoothie

14th November 2016

Here’s a delicious carrot, orange and pineapple smoothie to get your day off to a brilliant start! It’s packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients so makes a great healthy drink to accompany your breakfast in the morning.


Apple, Kiwi and Kale Smoothie

7th November 2016

If you’re a fan of green smoothies packed full of goodness, I know you’re going to love this kale smoothie! It’s just what you want for a Monday morning when you’re flying out the door and in need of a boost of goodness after the weekend.


Blueberry and Green Tea Smoothie

31st October 2016

If you’re in need of a little boost now that winter is setting in, this green tea smoothie is a must try! It’s the queen of antioxidant drinks and blueberries and green tea go hand in hand to give your body brain boosting, vitamin filled goodness.


Spooky Smoothie Recipes for Halloween

30th October 2016

These lovely colourful smoothie recipes have been provided by super Slimpodder and mum of 2 Debbie O’Connor. There’s a lot for mums to dislike about Halloween, when most children get more sweets and junk food in a day than we would normally give them in


Water with an added sparkle for Summer

12th June 2015

ADD a sparkle to your water to make Flaming June even more enjoyable. Nice warm days stretching out into long cool balmy evenings – or something like that. People are getting out on their bikes, going for long walks, playing tennis…even if the weather is not 


Custard apple and dragon fruit milkshake

16th May 2014

By Lesley Smith, guest blogger. HERE’S a fun and healthy drink you can make with your kids on Food Revolution Day – the custard apple and dragon fruit milkshake. Custard apple? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it – and it is. It’s not really an apple at all actually


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