Sweet truth about chocolate cravings

25th September 2013

CHOCOLATE cravings can be very hard to stop because the massive sugar content in chocolate stimulates a part of our brain which is hugely powerful. When I tell people that being addicted to chocolate is just like being hooked on a drug like heroin they are amazed.

Chocolate stimulates the reward centre of the brain, just like other addictive substances, so the more we have the more we want. These chocolate cravings can easily take over your life.

Sugar stimulates the feelgood hormones dopamine and serotonin, and because the brain is programmed to seek out pleasure rather than pain (ie scoffing sweets rather than going without) then it literally forces you to seek more chocolate to satisfy the chocolate cravings.

The other big problem with chocolate is that it contains three ingredients our bodies are programmed to crave – sugar, fat and salt.

The people who make chocolate realised years ago that the more sugar, fat and salt they add to their products, the more we will want to eat them. More chocolate equals more chocolate cravings – that’s a real vicious cycle to be trapped in.

So how do you cure yourself of chocolate cravings? Well, there is hope for anyone with chocolate cravings and I’m going to explain how our Slimpod programmes can make such a big difference.

First here’s an inspiring video testimony from Cathy Fernie, who has been able to transform her outlook on life now her Slimpod’s curing her chocolate cravings.

If you eat chocolate regularly and suddenly make a conscious decision to stop, your body reacts in the same way it would if you suddenly stopped smoking or drinking.

Just like anyone trying to wean themselves off cravings, you’ll probably feel irritable, lethargic and headachy as your body goes into sugar withdrawal. You’ll probably experience even more intense chocolate cravings and mood swings.

We generally have chocolate cravings because of external prompts and our emotional state, rather than actual hunger.

Chocolate craving cure chocoholic

We tend to be bored, anxious, or depressed immediately before experiencing chocolate cravings, so one way of explaining chocolate cravings is that they’re self-medication for feeling miserable.

Chocolate is the most frequently craved food in women, and many women describe themselves as “chocoholics.” Chocoholics insist that it is habit-forming, that it produces an instant feeling of well-being, and even that abstinence leads to withdrawal symptoms.

I’m delighted that Slimpods are having such outstanding results with so many people with chocolate cravings.

Our Slimpod programmes work on the scientific principle that the powerful unconscious mind, which controls 90 per cent of what we do or don’t do each day, can be retuned to break old habits, create new relationships with food and end chocolate cravings.

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