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28th June 2016

CHOOSE healthier food and you’ll lose weight! The basis of our Slimpod is that it re-educates years of unconscious behaviours around food and this enables you to choose healthier and eat the appropriate amount to satisfy you. Food has evolved to mean so much more than merely fueling and nourishing the body and I think that’s where so many weight issues begin.

People have lost sight of why they’re actually eating and so few of us have really been taught about how to eat for health and wellbeing – while so many of us eat for reasons other than hunger.

One of our lovely Slimpodders, Kate Butler (pictured), decided she needed to strip everything back to a very basic level and has combined her Slimpod with some help from a nutritionist. Gaining this advice has really helped her to choose healthier food so I asked Kate to write a few words on the effects it’s had.

Here’s her report:

Finding Slimpod has been incredibly important to my well-being as a whole. Having the pod working in the background has helped push me to find solutions, rather than focussing on the negative aspects of being overweight.

It gives me the type of support to move forward and feel able to give up the negative cycle of dieting and weighing.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned that she had seen a nutritionist for her poor energy levels. So after doing some research and finding someone who appeared to be highly recommended, I made an appointment with a local nutritionist.

We started by working through my goals and a week’s food diary. We also sent off blood samples, to ensure that I didn’t have any thyroid issues.

The results of my diary were eye-opening. I was missing or very low on so many nutrients it was suddenly obvious why I was so tired all the time. I wasn’t eating enough by a long way and what I was eating was pointless as I wasn’t eating it correctly.

Rosie devised a three-month staged plan that would reset my digestive system, increase my energy and slowly help me decrease my weight.

It’s been simple changes, so simple I could kick myself. 

Each day I start with a super smoothie, no more than two hours after waking up. I then have a snack a couple of hours later. A surprisingly large lunch is followed by another snack and then dinner.

Apart from the smoothie, each meal must include protein and I tend to eat my carbs during the day. I don’t touch anything that says low fat or sugar free.

Rosie hasn’t made me eat anything too outrageous (nothing green and gunky from the bottom of the sea!) So far we’ve introduced bio foods to help my gut produce natural bacteria, as it had been running on empty.

I also drink around three or four cups of green tea (I like the Pukka Chamomile and green tea) as this binds up toxins and is very beneficial to your gut.

We then moved on to my liver. It wasn’t able to do its job as my diet wasn’t supporting its functions. I now eat a lot (and I mean a lot) of dark fruits and vegetables, and as much organic as is possible.

Nutritionists have a table called the dirty dozen. These are the fruit and veg that should be eaten organic if at all possible as they’re crops that use a lot of pesticides. These pesticides in turn hinder your liver function.

So, it’s been a month. The consistent levels of protein that I now eat have stabilised my blood sugar levels and I no longer think about food all the time. Biggest of all, I haven’t had a single craving in a month.

I no longer want to fall asleep in the afternoon, I’m eating really enjoyable food and I’m never hungry. I’ve also lost just over an inch off my waist.

I’m hitting all of my nutrition targets and I’m learning so much about how our bodies work, it’s fascinating stuff. Next week we’ll start on my thyroid. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Throughout I’ve kept listening to my Slimpod as I don’t think I would have been able to stick with it without first having changed my subconscious needs. I believe that I’ve finally found my golden ticket to future proofing me

Example of how I choose healthier food

Breakfast:  Spinach, mango, nuts, flax seed, coconut oil, coconut milk, juice.

Snack; Organic bio yoghurt, blueberries, walnuts

Lunch, couscous, baked vegetables, halloumi, hummus.

Butternut squash soup

Snack, Greek yoghurt, walnuts, sultanas

Dinner; Baked Cod with patatas bravas and green beans

4 Green tea, 4 pints water and two pints Pom and water.

Example of my old food

No breakfast, coffee instead (really bad for fat storage)

Snack, Nakd bar and banana

Lunch, vegetable soup

Snack, Brown bread ham salad sandwich

Dinner, Pasta or rice dish

little yoghurt pot

Why don’t you try a Slimpod then you’ll choose healthier food like Kate!


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