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We’re very proud that in clinical trials 95 per cent of people lost weight by listening to a Slimpod – described as “profound and life-changing” by an NHS consultant psychiatrist. So compare Slimpod weight loss solutions to see which one is right for you. Our most popular choice among people like you, who want to lose weight without dieting, is Slimpod Gold.

The level of programme you need depends on how much help you need. If you’ve had issues with emotional eating or self-sabotage in the past and you know you’ll benefit from the safety net of a 12-week structured programme that will coach, guide and fully support you every step of the way, then Gold is the choice to make.

If you’re confident you can succeed with less guidance and support, and are happy to go it alone, then the Silver programme is the one to help you make the crucial weight loss breakthrough!


Make the crucial weight
loss breakthrough
  • One clinically proven Slimpod for weight loss (instant download or on CD)
  • Works on its own or is perfect with any existing eating and exercise plans
  • 28 days of email support to get you off to a flying start
  • Free Slimpod App for phones or tablets
  • Weekly live chat in our Slimpod Club
  • Easy to upgrade to Gold premium programme
  • Costs £39.99, nothing more to pay
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Most popular: 12-week ultimate transformation programme
  • Unique programme combines four behaviour-changing audio recordings
  • Get a Slimpod, Sugar Pod, Fitpod plus a bonus Chillpod relaxer
  • Holistic weight loss programme delves deep into the mind/body connection
  • Fully-structured over 12 weeks in three easy-to-follow phases
  • Puts an end to emotional/comfort eating and the self-sabotage cycle
  • Guidance on food and exercise plus over 100 healthy eating recipes
  • Page after page of specialist advice only available to Gold members
  • Video coaching at your fingertips and personalised support from our experts
  • Free bonus weight loss maintenance pod at the end of 12 weeks
  • Works on its own or is perfect with any existing eating and exercise plans
  • Free Slimpod App for phones and tablets
  • Weekly live chat in our Slimpod Club
  • Costs just £137 or pay in three easy instalments of £47
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Intensive support with 1:1 personal coaching by Sandra
  • Five personal 1:1 sessions with Slimpod founder Sandra Roycroft-Davis
  • Get to the root of deep-seated emotional and psychological issues with food
  • Uncover the unconscious reasons for your overeating and take back control
  • Sandra will record personal pods which are tailor-made to your needs
  • Can be done via Skype for long-distance or overseas clients
  • Places on coaching course are strictly limited and a waiting list may apply
  • Costs £697, interest free easy instalment plan available
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”I couldn’t believe it. In the supermarket I just didn’t want to go near the cream cakes – something was stopping me.“

Lost 14lbs

”At first I started making my portion sizes smaller but now I’ve had to make my plate smaller, too. Even with a smaller plate I still find I’m leaving food.”

LOST 64lbs
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