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27th December 2013

PHEW! When life’s a bit hectic then usually something has to give and too often it’s exercise that suffers. So here’s how to keep your body moving on the go. Remember gentle exercise and stretching works wonders at relieving stress.

Peeling the veg or boiling the kettle? Try standing on one leg and balance for 20 seconds on one leg. Then do the other leg. This exercise is good for working your calves and your thighs, which helps keeps you supple and build up stamina.

Sitting down doing the shopping list?  Squeeze your bum cheeks together as tight as you can, hold for three seconds and repeat 20 times. Rest for a minute then do it again. It’s a simple exercise that can pay real dividends – you’ll look great round the supermarket!

Queuing at the checkout? Hold a bag of sugar or a bottle of water in one hand, palm facing up, and gently raise and lower from knee to waist high. Repeat 10 times then do the other arm. Great for your biceps and shoulders. Good exercise but you might get a few funny looks. Who cares though?

Simple exercises on the go

Unpacking the shopping? Stand with the heaviest bag by your side, hold it with your right hand then bend your body to the left so the bag gently lifts off the floor. Repeat 10 times then swop sides and do it again. This would be great exercise for your partner to try!

Entertaining the kids? Invent a game that gets you all moving. See who can walk up and down the stairs while patting a balloon up in the air. That’ll burn a few calories off – and with any luck the exercise will wear the kids out so they sleep better!

Finally, instead of slumping in front of the telly (very tempting, I know!) lay on the floor as you watch and gently stretch your arms, legs and tummy. Stretching exercises are proven to raise your energy levels as well as improving flexibility.

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