Exercise is all about the feelgood factor

11th June 2015

By Trevor Silvester

WHEN we think about doing something like exercise, our brain has a choice of going in one of three directions. It can head into the past and look at what exercise has felt like for you, and use that to either encourage or discourage you from putting on your Lycra. For many Slimpodders I can  guess which one is most likely.

Or it can focus on how you feel right now. If you’re putting off exercise until late in the day, it can become harder to overcome the dip in energy that a busy day often brings.

Finally it can go out to the future and imagine what the exercise is going to be like. This is where you can do a simple little trick to boost your motivation.

Not many people actually look forward to sweating in a gym for an hour, or going out to pound the pavement. Just thinking about the effort to get ready can be enough to tip the scales in favour of the sofa and a glass of wine.

Which is why you shouldn’t think about the exercise itself, but the feeling you get afterwards – you know, the satisfied feeling of achievement, the superiority over those poor weak people who succumbed to temptation? Like you’d ever be one of those!

We feed what we focus on, so the more you daydream about the positives after exercise, the stronger will be the motivation to enjoy those positives, so the good feeling becomes the point of the exercise, not the exercise itself.


* Trevor Silvester is the founder of cognitive hypnotherapy and a world authority on the science of unconscious persuasion. He is the voice you hear on your Slimpod.

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