Fatty liver: What you can eat and drink

11th November 2013

A LADY emailed me today to tell me she’s just been diagnosed with a fatty liver and wanted to know what she should and shouldn’t eat. This problem is becoming more and more common, largely because of our modern-day diet, so I was happy to give her some tips which you might also find useful if you have a fatty liver.

Good food to eat: raw vegetables, chicken and fish for protein, eggs.

Best to avoid: Bread, biscuits, potatoes and definitely no “diet” colas, yoghurts or jams as they can all be fattening.

Tinned sardines and tuna make great healthy snacks between meals for anyone suffering from a fatty liver.

There’s a very good website you might want to visit called http://www.liverdoctor.com/

Do please add your comments below on what you do about a fatty liver.

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