Food Revolution Day inspiration, recipes

19th May 2016

AT Thinking Slimmer we just love Jamie Oliver and what he’s doing to educate the world into healthier eating habits. So for the third year running we’re giving our full support to Jamie’s Food Revolution Day on Friday May 20. This year Jamie will be hosting the longest-ever Facebook Live campaign around the world. Along with other famous faces from across the globe he will broadcast a series of 30-minute shows throughout the day on Facebook Live.

The live streaming will start in London before moving on to Australia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, the U.K, Brazil, the U.S, Netherlands and Canada ultimately creating a seven-hour cooking marathon broadcast – including an International Omelette Challenge.

Food Revolution Day aims to encourage people to sign up to and join the Food Revolution, then put pressure on governments to develop and implement plans that will tackle the child nutrition crisis.

Worldwide an estimated 41 million children under five are overweight while another 159 million are too undernourished to grow properly. The Food Revolution, which wants to inspire meaningful change in the way children access, consume and understand food, will be highlighting the global issue of child nutrition from obesity to malnutrition.

Jamie says: “Access to good, fresh, nutritious food is every child’s human right, but currently we’re failing our children. Millions of kids are eating too much of the wrong food, while millions more don’t get enough of the good stuff to let them grow and thrive.

“We need to unite as one strong, single voice to force governments and businesses to create a healthier, happier world for the future. Sign up now and join the revolution!”

Jamie’s created 10 great recipes for Food Revolution Day and they’re not only extremely tasty they’re also extremely good for you! See his recipes here

You can sign up to the Food Revolution at Jamie’s wonderful website and you can watch broadcasts live on Facebook Live.

If you’d like to enter the International Omelette Challenge and possibly have your special recipe featured on the front page of Jamie’s food magazine, you’ll find all the details here.

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