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Bought your Slimpod? Now download the free app

Once you’ve bought your Slimpod programme, we’ve made downloading it to your phone or tablet a really simple process. To have your Slimpod at your fingertips on your iPhone or iPad just get your free Slimpod app from the App Store – or if you have an android device, like a Samsung, from Google Play Store. Click on one of the links below. Please note that these apps will not work on Windows phones, MacBooks or iMacs.

Remember, you buy the Slimpod programme first then get the free app second. The app won’t do anything until you’ve bought your Slimpod programme.


iOS 8.0 or later required, 10.2 or higher recommended

Android 4.4 or above required.

App not suitable for Kindle or Hudl

All about the app – a couple of tips
and some trouble-shooting advice

First you have to buy the Slimpod programme from our website. Once you get your free Slimpod app, the pods for the programme you have purchased will automatically stream to it and be stored there. The first time takes about 20 seconds but after that the download will be available for instant use each time. If you buy additional Slimpods, such as a habit-breaker, the app will automatically update for you.

To log in to the app your username is your email address and your password is the one you entered at the checkout when you made your purchase.

Depending on the strength of your internet connection, it can take as long as 45 seconds for the programme to download. So thanks for being patient!

If you are having problems with the app, it can sometimes help to power down your phone, wait a few seconds and then switch it back on again. This will force all of the apps on your phone to close and will free up memory which will fix most problems that you might encounter.

If you’re still experiencing problems with the app then you should  send our customer services team an email at

We recommend that you do not delete the app from your device unless instructed to do so by our customer services or technical advisers. Doing so will cause all information saved by the app to be lost. 

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to go into your Settings app and make sure your operating system is iOS 10.1 or higher. Whilst the app will work on an iPhone 5 and we have some customers that still use this device, we can only support usage on an iPhone 6 or above. If you are running an iOS version that is less than 10.1 it’s very simple to upgrade, by following the “Software Update” instructions in the Settings app. Please note, that like all other apps the Slimpod app will run on iPod Touch devices, but is not suitable for earlier iPods.

If you have an Android phone, such as a Samsung or LG, you’ll need to check you are running Android 4.4 or above. Before upgrading you might want to back up your data.

Finally, make sure you have a strong internet connection when you log on. Once your Slimpod has been streamed in to the app, it will be held in the app’s memory so you can listen to it off line.

Customer Service are always happy to give you all the help they can. Email us on

iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc and their use in this context does not indicate or imply that Apple Inc or its products are in any way connected with ThinkingSlimmer Ltd or the Slimpod


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