Happiness of a Slimpod winner!

20th January 2014

I just needed to tell everyone about this because it’s amazing how things happen in life. Last year we worked with Prima magazine and ran a competition giving away Slimpods. A few months later I had an email from a lady who had won one of the Slimpods. Her name is Sheila Figg and this is what she said….

I sing your praises to everyone, was at my beautician yesterday for a facial and she commented on my weight loss as recently did my hairdresser  and chiropractor.
Funnily I had just received the Paul McKenna gastric band cd and book when I got the Slimpod and decided your version was less drastic than a gastric band, albeit an imaginary one, and I am so happy to have a shot with your version.
I then called her and she told me she had lost lots of weight and the Slimpod was the best thing she’d ever won in all the years she’d been entering competitions.  It was a lovely moment.
Anyway unknown to me, she sent the magazine a letter and this month it was published.  Here it is … we’re so chuffed…
Prima magzine reader praises Slimpods

Several people have bought Slimpods as a result of seeing the letter and they have said hello to us via our Slimpod Club!

I do love it when things like this happen…

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