How happiness and positivity will help you reach your weight loss goals!

15th June 2020


THERE’S a wonderful quote from the American writer Dale Carnegie that I love to share with people: “It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It’s what you think about it.” How true!

The secret of happiness is deeply-rooted in positivity and that’s why it’s all part of the 30-day Summer20 Challenge.

There’s so much doom and gloom in our environment right now and it’s having a huge effect on our mental health and our stress level.

We MUST actively protect ourselves and take measures to do things which make us smile and help us feel happier and more uplifted.

Last week I kicked off a big positivity drive in Slimpod Club  and if you’re part of the Facebook group then many of you will have seen me turn up in my pink wig to give people something to smile about!

In case you missed it…

The Slimpod programme is rooted in positive psychology and part of the process is to help you feel better about yourself.

But sometimes the stressful events in the world around us are challenging and we need to give ourselves a little extra help by consciously building some simple strategies into our day-to-day lives.

If you’re part of the programme then you’ll have seen the negative effect stress can have on the body.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and high levels of it are linked to conditions such as type II diabetes and hypertension.

If you need more info on this then have a look through my blogs and the many Live chats on the subject over the past three months.

The main message is that the stress hormone cortisol stops weight loss and can actually make you put on fat round your waist.

BUT there is some GOOD news and it’s about a chemical the body produces which helps reverse the effects of cortisol.

It’s called serotonin and it’s one of Nature’s “happiness drugs.”

Serotonin is a chemical nerve cells produce and  is considered a natural mood stabiliser. It’s the chemical that helps with sleeping, eating, and digesting.

Serotonin helps regulate your mood naturally. When your serotonin levels are normal, you feel:

· Happier
· Calmer
· More focused
· Less anxious
· More emotionally stable

And this affects your weight in several ways because your behaviour changes.  Higher levels of serotonin enable you to be less impulsive around food, curb “emotional” eating and bingeing, thereby giving you more control.

When we feel happy, we tend to have higher self-regard and a drive toward self-preservation (as opposed to self-sabotage). We’re also less likely to hunt down high fat or high sugar for a quick mood fix.


Then a longer-term feeling of well-being often helps us to see ourselves as people who make good choices — and this becomes part of our identity.

Now we know Slimpod helps you feel good, and that’s part of the benefits of the programme, but in these challenging times,  what can we do to give an extra boost to our serotonin levels?

Exercise: Regular exercise can have mood-boosting effects.

A healthy diet: Foods that can increase serotonin levels include eggs, cheese, turkey, nuts, salmon, tofu, and pineapple.

Meditation: Meditating can help relieve stress and promote a positive outlook on life, which can greatly boost serotonin levels.

Limit your exposure to negativity – especially at night

Listen to uplifting music or self-improvement podcasts

Read uplifting books which make you smile

Write three wins every day AND/OR three things you’re grateful for

Daily affirmations

Do more smiling and laughing!

In studies there is a direct correlation between obesity and mental well-being, and research by the University of Adelaide suggests people should focus on improving their happiness rather than focussing solely on their weight.

So as part of the Summer20 Challenge, the aim this week is to improve your happiness and positivity.

Pick two things you can build into your day which will help raise your serotonin level.  This can be from the list above or something you know you can do that makes you happy.

Let me know below (or in Slimpod Club) how you’re going to prioritise some happiness and positivity in your life this coming week!

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday June 16) I’ll be live on our main Slimpod weight loss page on Facebook at 7.30pm UK time and I’ll be chatting about serotonin so do join me!

There’s also a thread in Slimpod Club under the hashtag #Summer20 so do join in and hold yourself accountable!

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I’m going to ride my bike every day, feels good having the wind blowing through your hair and the sun on your face 😎

Elsie Borman

At the moment I don’t feel happy more angry 😡 and in agony with the pain in my knee I don’t know how I can make myself happy at the moment sorry

Elaine Shaw

I do want to increase my exercise levels, I know I always feel good when I do this! The good side of things are going well xx


I whole heartedly agree with everything you have mentioned I above. I try and walk for an hour and a half each morning before work and do one or two LWR sessions. Leaves me set up for the day. I also love to dance and during lockdown we danced on line on zoom, dance classes and Zumba. Gradually we are having outdoor classes now and we are enjoying them. I think I will look at pineapples and nuts now to help boost the levels too. Thank you xx

Lesley Joanne

Thank you Sandra! I’m going to make sure I walk every day with extra effort, write 3 wins every day and try to deal differently with negativity around me. I look forward to joining live tomorrow 😊

Julia Hyde

Useful information thanks

Elaine Cullip

Include foods from the healthy list in my diet. Increase exercise- 7 minute belly fat exercise and 4 minute arm exercise sessions Every day this week.

Sue Webster

The above all makes some sense to me as to why it’s hard for me to lose weight. I exercise every day in lots of ways but stress is my biggest challenge.

Denise Elsam

I’am going to try and get to grips with my sugar problem it’s so hard.Also walk more but at the moment it’s hard because I’m waitIng to have my hip replacement.It got cancelled because of COVID.But will try my hardest.


How true Sandra, I feel much more relaxed and happier now that I have been on the Slimpod regime for the last 4 weeks. I have lost 6lb and 4 1/2 inches and I am delighted. One of the great things is not focussing on food. In the past I’ve written down food I’ve eaten or counted calories, syns or points – although I had some success at the time it didn’t last and I ended up being heavier and heavier. I am so glad I found you and Slimpod – Thank you

Kate Pitts

Archie (BorderTerrier) and I will be walking down to the beach every day. I’m also doing 45 minutes of Pilates/Yoga and cooking from scratch. I have also just resigned from the Board of an organisation whose Chair drives me mad with trivia. I feel much better!


I only joined yesterday but I e had a really positive first day. I’ve been on a walk at lunch time and haven’t snacked at all today, which is the first day since lockdown that I’ve eaten sensibly I’m looking forward to a positive future which is also new for me. I will check out your past blogs and will join you tomorrow night.


I am going to smile more, a smile makes others around me respond positively which then makes me feel more positive.

Carina Flower

I’m going to do a daily boogie, and push myself to do 5000 steps a day. Maybe I might be able to set myself a daily allotment schedule of at least 30 minutes, too. I went up today, and realised that it’s so beautiful up there. Theres a lot of work to do up there, but I’m sure I can manage 30 minutes a day. And who knows, it might turn into more!


I’m going to get back on my exercise bike. I wonder if the fact that my egg consumption has gone correlated with my low mood. I’ve been rather stressed over the last few weeks as I have a presentation to do for college (I’m a trainee Counsellor). Also the pandemic has interrupted my course in that I’m unable to go out on placement.
Yesterday however was a big win and, given that my presentation is today, I hope that this my turning point. Thanks for everything.

Beverly Nuttall

Great blog, reminded me to say my affirmations out loud, as not done them for a week, trying to get back on track, so it’s come at the right time, thanks Sandra

Stephanie Aldworth

I love the idea of focusing on happiness rather than weight, Afterall everybody strives for happiness.

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