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Brian Mayne


This amazing system for success uses words and pictures to activate your ‘whole brain’ and powerfully command your subconscious autopilot to motivate you towards achieving your goals. It has been specially created for Thinking Slimmer by Brian Mayne, the UK’s leading authority on goal-setting.


HERE at Thinking Slimmer we know how crucial it is to set the right goals. And it’s vital to set them in a way which will harness the full power of both sides of your brain. The left side is about logic and words and the right side is about feelings and pictures, so by using the special Goal Mapping system Brian has created for Thinking Slimmer you will be helping to make sure the guided missile in your mind will be locked on to the right targets.

Click on the button below to open a whole new world of goal mapping and a whole new way of achieving them. The easy-to-follow instructions will take you through the simple process step by step and at the end you’ll have created an amazing mind map like the one above.


Please note, this is a third party app and Thinking Slimmer is not responsible for its functionality

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