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Every new Thinking Slimmer customer who buys a Slimpod or a Fitpod from our website receives an email containing  a link so they can download their personal handbook, which explains how to set weight loss and lifestyle goals and how to achieve them. PLUS the 3 Golden Rules of Slimpod success.

The handbook contains a 42-day Success Log on which you can chart the positive differences you notice in the way you feel about eating and doing more, plus a Contract With Yourself on which you you can write your goals – and then pin it up somewhere you’ll see it every day. The constant reinforcement of your weight loss goals over the first few months is a very important part of achieving the most successful results.

If you need a second copy of the handbook, or can’t find the email link we sent you, click on the link below for an instant download of your copy. Or you can read the handbook online by scrolling down the page a little.

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If you are unable to download your handbook for any reason, please email