Motivation: How can you rediscover it?

9th July 2014

MOTIVATION is so important and being in a group can help. However, one way in which Slimpod differs from other weight loss programmes is you do it alone at home and you don’t have to go to any classes, weigh-ins or clubs. Some people find that a relief, as they don’t enjoy the ritual humiliation of a weekly group session, but others miss the social side of slimming, which they have enjoyed when following other programmes, and may find it hard to get the motivation to lose weight on their own. So here’s some advice which may help.

Where to find your motivation to lose weight, by Thinking Slimmer founder Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Many people believe that motivation is a magical quality that some people have and some people don’t. But there are easy techniques that anyone can learn to get motivated and succesfully lose weight. By understanding how motivation works, you can assemble the building blocks you need.

Different kinds of motivation

There are two kinds of motivation: Extrinsic and Intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation is the inspiration that comes from an external source, outside of you. For example, if your doctor tells you that you need to lose weight, you may be externally motivated to go on a diet out of fear of poor health.

A husband might tell you the same! Many rewards are extrinsic sources. If you go on a diet in order to fit into a smaller dress size, your motivation is extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, comes from within. If you exercise because of the sense of accomplishment you achieve at the end of the workout your source of motivation is intrinsic. If you choose a healthy snack because it makes you feel better about yourself, you are internally or intrinsically motivated….

Intrinsic motivation is important to achieve long-term success.

While extrinsic motivation may help you overcome short-term challenges, people who are successful at weight loss are usually motivated by intrinsic factors. Eating well and exercising makes them feel good so they continue to practice healthy habits for the long term.

So how do you create internal motivation? The good news is that it’s the advice we give to people on Slimpods and so most people already have it! All you have to do is possibly revisit it, identify it and acknowledge it.

3 steps to foster internal motivation

  1. Set short-term goals. Set yourself up for success by setting very short-term achievable goals. Your long term goal might be to lose two sizes, but a good short term goal might be to bring your full signal to your conscious awareness every day for the next week. So if a weekly goal seems too broad, set a goal for just one day or even an hour..this is great for really embedding a habit…

Motivation for weight loss success by setting short term goals the Thinking Slimmer way

2. Keep a journal or success log. Write out each goal in a journal. At the end of the day, comment on the day’s success. Keep in mind that just taking the time to write in your journal is healthy and an accomplishment in itself. Use positive words that describe how you feel about your actions.

3. Acknowledge your success. Take time to review your successes and give yourself credit. Review your journal on a regular basis and take pride in every step you’ve taken to improve your health and the way you feel…

As you move through the process of fostering internal motivation, you’ll find that your confidence in your own abilities will increase as will your self belief. When you acknowledge the success of small accomplishments, it becomes easier to believe that larger goals are attainable.

You begin to believe in yourself and in your ability to change your health by changing your weight….

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Susan Taylor

I really identify with this Sandra. Since Christmas my motivation has been awol and I’m dismayed that it’s June already and I haven’t rediscovered it yet. Some great advice here.

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