Katie slips back into her party dress

5th November 2013

WHEN Katie Dial’s favourite party dress wouldn’t do up by four whole inches of zip, she vowed she would lose enough weight in 10 weeks to be able to slip back into it. And she did! By listening to one of our Slimpods she not only fitted back into The Dress, she broke her chocoholic habit and stopped the binge eating that had plagued her for years.

Now after two years – during which time she’s had a second child! – she has lost more than two stone without dieting and has kept the weight off without even having to think about what she can or can’t eat.

Katie says: “I was a binger, a grazer and a chocoholic all rolled into one so I needed some special help from a Slimpod. Can you imagine listening to a special recording every day for ten weeks and then discovering you’ve lost a whopping great 13lbs, dropped an entire dress size and shed an amazing 8.5 inches from your waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. All without any effort or stress at all.”

Katie has just done a glamorous fashion photoshoot at Debenhams’ flagship store in Oxford Street and I know you’ll love the pictures we took and the clothes she’s now able to wear. In total she’s lost two stone and says it has transformed her life.

See the stunning pictures of Katie and read her full story in her own words >>

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