Hypnotherapy for losing weight is so easy

24th November 2015

Hypnotherapy for losing weight is probably the easiest way to lose weight because unlike dieting it requires no willpower – in fact, no conscious effort at all! Imagine being able to lose weight without even thinking about it.

That’s the huge appeal of hypnotherapy for losing weight, as millions of people around the world can testify.

At Thinking Slimmer, we use a technique which is at the very cutting edge of neuroscience and which has been proven to work in independent clinical trials conducted at a leading London university.

We call our method the Slimpod. A Slimpod is a recording designed to assist people wishing to lose weight and is based on several psychological principles.

They are nine minutes long and we recommend they’re listened to every night before bed.

This is because one of the psychological principles is priming – that things that are on our mind are brought to mind.

So the listener is primed with messages that will bring better food choices to their attention throughout the day.

The content of the messages is carefully constructed using a hypnotic language system called WordWeaving™, which very specifically uses pre-suppositional language models developed by among other things Neuro Linguistic Programming.

WordWeaving™  is a modern interpretation of hypnotherapy which uses the very latest research into how the brain creates a model of reality plus discoveries from the science of influence.

Through this model each listener interprets the messages of the Slimpod in whichever way would motivate them, and adapts their thought processes to support their desire to lose weight.

Slimpods are fundamentally different to most other recordings that use hypnotherapy for losing weight in that the WordWeaving™ model means that they are non-directive.

Listeners are not compelled, ordered or manipulated into a response, instead their mind is just offered the opportunity to find better interpretations of their emotions and behaviours that will enable them to reach their weight loss goal.

In so doing it moves them from a diet succeed/fail mindset to one that continually encourages them to learn to make better choices.

I hope this has given you a valuable insight into the power of hypnotherapy for losing weight. I’ve tried to keep a complex subject as simple as possible because I’m passionate about encouraging everyone to try using hypnotherapy for losing weight.

You’ll find a while lot more about Slimpods on my website.



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