Learning to relax with a Chillpod

15th March 2016

By Mollie Millington, The Happiness Personal Trainer and running coach

It is funny to admit I had to learn to relax.  My family always gives me grief for being ‘too busy’ and over-committed.  I tend to either be running at 100mph or stuck on the couch for the afternoon watching ‘Hoarders’. There is no in-between with me.  I have a full-time job   

in scientific research, husband, dog, am a new home owner, part-time blogger, and part-time personal trainer.

My days fill up before I can even catch my breath.  I added marathon training into the mix in late autumn and it became too much to bear.

Sandra recommended the Chillpod to me when I explained how the stress triggered my overeating.  Yes, I was hungry from running more too, but my sweet tooth and need for caffeine meant I was constantly making wrong choices in the canteen. 

When I planned ahead, I was fine.  Sweet potato, eggs, and avocado for breakfast at home (this takes 30 min to prep, cook, and eat so sometimes I would save time with porridge and banana instead).

Salad with grilled chicken for lunch and apple for something sweet.  If the grocery delivery was late, I would have to buy a hot meal at work.  Then 3pm would hit and I would reach for candy bars and Mountain Dew. My body wasn’t responding to the increase in physical activity either.

I started listening to the Chillpod on the train journey to work.  I have about one hour and 15 minutes to play with but have to stand most of the way and change trains a few times.

 I found the Chillpod to be most soothing when I was able to find a seat and close my eyes to really listen to Trevor.  How often do we take time to listen someone these days?

Usually, I am typing an email while watching the news or trying to think of the next question I want to ask my colleague as they explain a situation to me.  The Chillpod let me clear my mind and focus on just one thing for 8 minutes. 


Relax with a Chillpod and feel the benefit


It helped me concentrate on my breathing and forget about my never ending to do list.  If I had a tough at work, I would listen to it on the way home too to help me be more relaxed when I finally had an evening free with my husband.

One of the most humbling lessons marathon training has taught me is sacrifice.  You can’t have it all (and believe me, I try!).

 I had to cut back on the amount of time I spend on my blog.  My husband has stepped up with meal prep and taking care of the dog.  I don’t go out much in the evenings as I either need to get a run in or go to bed early to run before work.

Running has never been my forte (I was always the slowest girl on the football team) and yet I still pursue it as a hobby.

 I love the endorphins (that seems to only come when the run is over), the community (my new buddies at Advent Running), and the freedom to explore London on foot (so many canal paths to choose from!). 

Without Chillpod, I probably would have given up on my marathon training.  It has helped me learn to relax, let a few things go, and be more mindful about what triggers my hunger pains in stressful situations. 

If your Chillpod has done the same for you, feel free to get in touch for advice on your fitness and running goals.  As the Happiness Personal Trainer, my coaching approach is holistic.

I will help you find a balance between fitness, food, and fun.  My digital coaching program packages, open to anyone in the world with a Smartphone, start at £25 a month. 

Get 20 per cent off when you email me (mollie@ptmollie.com) and quote ThinkingSlimmer20.

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