Lose mummy tummy with super Mutu

28th November 2013

MUMMY tummy can be hard to shift so I’m always looking for fitness programmes that will complement our Slimpods and Fitpods. I was very excited when I discovered the Mutu® system. I’m pleased to be able to recommend it and all mums, regardless of how long ago they had their babies, might want to take a look at Mutu® .

Mutu® has video workouts which show the right exercises to restore stomach muscles, get rid of mummy tummy and help you become lean, strong and toned all over. The workouts can be done at home with no equipment in just 15 minutes a day over a 12-week programme.

Mums who’ve tried Mutu® rave about it and tell me that when it’s used with a Slimpod and/or Fitpod it creates a winning team. There’s great news: If you click on the graphic below you’ll get a 15% discount on every Mutu product you purchase by using the promo code SLIMPOD15 at the checkout.

The system’s creator, Wendy Powell, describes herself as a Mummy Tummy Blaster, Mojo Finder and Mama of Two. She says: “I created Mutu® for women who want to rediscover their waistline and their body confidence after having babies.

“As mothers, we should feel as feminine and strong as we’ve ever felt in our lives, yet sometimes we feel exactly the opposite – wearing baggy clothes, avoiding the beach and feeling a ‘bit less hot.’

“Women need more than an exercise programme after they’ve had babies. Of course we want our bodies back, and our mummy tummy gone, but we need to find our Mojo again, too.

“My videos are not filmed in a studio with perfect make-up and matching outfits – this is how I work out, in the garden, on the beach and with my kids!

“These workouts are designed for women just like you – these are the methods I use to train my clients to get a lean, strong body and no more mummy tummy after having babies. It works for them, it has worked for me and it can work for you, too!”

Click on the graphic below and use the promo code SLIMPOD15 at the checkout to receive a 15% discount.

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