Great way of losing your tummy

23rd March 2017

I spent a weekend with my good friend Wendy Powell and what this woman doesn’t know about bodies and fitness isn’t worth knowing! I had my three children a long time ago and I can honestly say I learned an amazing amount from her about losing your mummy tummy and helping the body to recover after childbirth – no matter how long ago that was.

Wendy and I shot two videos together and I know you’re going to find them really useful. You can watch them below.

Before you watch, here’s some takeaway points you NEED to know about losing your mummy tummy.

1. A leaky pelvic floor isn’t something you have to put up with despite what you might hear from friends or incontinence product advertising.

2. It’s NEVER too late to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and flatten your mummy tummy. Even if your kids are now adults themselves, those muscles are still the same.

3. The right food goes hand in hand with recovery. It’s vital to eat nutritious foods.

4. Slimpod and Mutu System are the ‘dream team’ for any woman who’s ever had children and wants to get fit, healthy, lose weight and get a stronger core and pelvic floor.

VIDEO ONE: What is MuTu System?

Flattening Your Tummy, Fixing Your Core and Pelvic Floor as a Mother.

VIDEO TWO: For Not-So-New Mums and Food Advice for Recovery.

What if your children are adults now? What is MuTu Food and how does it work?

How you can save 20% off a Mutu programme

Wendy is offering an amazing 20 per cent off all her MuTu System programmes designed just for mums, for 48 hours only! The offer is open from one minute past midnight tonight (Friday the 25th) and the discount code to use at Wendy’s checkout is mums20

Grab this offer now while it lasts and treat yourself this Mother’s Day weekend. Go to Mutu’s website

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Dave Ferguson

Hi.. is there a male version of MUTU please ?

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