Making weight loss inevitable

7th February 2017

By Trevor Silvester.

I KNOW we’re almost halfway through February, but I want to talk about January the 1st!  I always used to think I’d be really busy every January helping people with their New Year resolutions.

In fact, in my early days I wasted a lot of money advertising that help. And few people responded.

I now realise that people don’t feel like they need help at the start of their new push for improvement.

Many of us begin the New Year full of enthusiasm or determination to make life different – or in the case of weight loss, we look down at the scales and panic that we have to do something.

And often, as the years pass, a kind of Groundhog Day routine emerges over the first four to six weeks of every year – round about now, in fact. We keep seeing the same things happening over and over.

We begin firm in our desire, and as the weeks go by our resolve slips, our discipline weakens and we fall off the wagon with our diet.

It’s one of the reasons why by using diets as our sole route to getting the body we want, we tend to set ourselves up for failure; our minds just aren’t cut out for the long haul.

Slimpods are designed to be different, to make our choices feel natural and not be part of something restrictive. That way, progress is inevitable.

A Slimpod calms us down about how fast we’re losing weight, because we know it’s going to happen and it can be permanent.

That way we can actually enjoy being different.

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Hi Trevor you’re so right! I’ve done this for so many years! But not this year I have probably been listening to Pods for 2years on and off but let life take priority and didn’t really work on my head, since December I’ve been letting it flow.. my focus has been me visualising who I want to be and I’m still going, convinced its because I started b4 Christmas so I had no need to buy high sugar Christmas treats and only really indulged on Christmas Day and loved it lol
Now my battle is getting my husband to get on board, he has bought about 40 hot cross buns over the last month,he has ate them all, I would have eaten most of these in the past but not now they annoy me, full of sugar don’t get me wrong I will have one at Easter ?!!!
Thank you for Slimpods ?


I would love to comment in a few weeks, iv used my pod for 2 days now iv not changed much yet

William Grimason

Trevor, I can totally agree with the article. It seems as if I am in “groundhog day” or perhaps it should be “groundhog fortnight”, as my resolve slips 9 to 10 days in and then I start again only to go round in circles. I listen to my slimpod (twice through) daily usually in the evening. I want to make changes but as you can appreciate become frustrated over and over again.

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