This is the one of the keys to staying motivated and keeping on track

22nd June 2020

STATISTICS prove that people struggle to stay on eating plans, diets and challenges for longer than four weeks before they lose motivation and fall off the wagon.  But of course the Slimpod programme is different.  There’s no wagon to fall off!

Yes, it’s true!  But the thing is, a lot of people find this concept quite difficult to comprehend.

They find it hard to believe because they’ve spent their adult lives on and off the dieting wagon and their minds default to failing behaviour.

And believe me, it’s really easy to start thinking like this. But it’s not your fault because it’s your mind doing what it’s always done. Remember, losing weight is just as much of a mental challenge as a physical one.

And this is why every week I host Facebook Lives – to help people stay on track.

One of the key ways to stay on track and stay motivated is to remember that a weight loss journey is full of ups and downs.

Nobody will tell you it’s all a bed of roses.  Just like life isn’t a bed of roses.  

Stress stops us in our tracks

Right now the challenge of things happening in the world around us is causing so much stress and people are having difficulty controlling their eating as a result.

Stress hijacks the brain and we need to take action to help to prevent this happening because it stops us in our tracks!

The Slimpod Summer20 challenge is really just the beginning of a process.  The thing that will keep you motivated is when you consistently follow the process and ingrain new exciting habits.

This was posted in our Slimpod Club by Catherine, one of our lovely podders, and I got her permission to share because I LOVE the way she described her journey.

 I’m nearing the end of 27 weeks – 6 months of Slimpod. Yes, it’s a record for me and one huge win!!

Someone asked me this week how I stay motivated and this made me think how it’s easy to only see the best bits of people.

The truth is I’ve struggled a lot from time to time with motivation – I’m sure we all have (or will) from time to time. Just as we can’t expect it to be sunny every day, we can’t expect that every day will be a ‘good’ day.

But there is one big difference with Slimpod.

With previous attempts at losing weight I’ve always done really well for a few weeks, or even months but every time (especially just when things were going really well) I’ve hit a wall, thrown in the towel, fallen off the wagon and gone back to square one.

Second attempts on any diet regime never work for me – I can never get that same excitement and impetus back as the first time so, off I go, in search of the next big thing.

But Slimpod has no towel to throw in, no wagon to fall off, no wall to hit. There’s no square one to go back to.

I picture the Slimpod journey as a path. Sometimes, as I wander along, I may come across a bench to sit on for a while or a distraction that keeps me in place for a bit (maybe a carousel, I’m a sucker for those!).

When things have been really ‘bad’ I imagine that I have wandered off the path completely – but I always keep it in sight and I know it’s there to come back to when I am ready.

There have been times when I’ve been heading back the way I came, but that’s ok too because I’m still on the path – all I need to do is stop, check the (goal) map and get myself in the right direction.

One. Step. In. Front. Of. The. Other.

That way I know I’ll reach my destination. Eventually.

So, when you see people post and you wonder how they maintain momentum, remember that they don’t all the time!

Sometimes we all need a little push. Lots of experienced podders (myself included) choose not to post about the ‘bad’ times until they are over because, at those times, we need some quiet time to reflect and wander about a bit, to check the map and make our way back to the path.

We really are all in this together and we really can all reach that destination – even if our path takes longer than others because everyone’s journey will be different.

Staying motivated thanks to good habits

I really feel Catherine’s post is such a wonderful description of how life is when you’re not defaulting to the way you used to be.

Success comes from the daily actions you take and that’s how habits are created. Habits plus practice equals mastery.

Good habits are worth mastering because they change your life.  Every four weeks or so we need to take time out to reflect on what we’ve achieved and what needs tweaking a little.

This is crucial. Because that’s how you’ll get to your destination. 

And yes, sometimes it will feel like nothing is happening or you’ve gone off track.

But that’s the time to jump straight back on the path, keep calm and carry on!

Make sure you join me live tomorrow (Tuesday June 23) at 7.30pm UK time on the main Thinking Slimmer Facebook page where I’ll be talking about staying motivated.

Please leave a comment below to let me know how things are going for you and whether you’re up for staying motivated!

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Helen Gillespie

This email couldn’t have reached me at a better time! Totally went off track yesterday and I have been spending today focusing on what I want to achieve.
I am at that 3/4 week mark! Thanks for the motivation.

Vivien May-Hearn

Loved Catherine’s Post so very true, for me the last two weeks I have come of the path, after doing so well with motivation exercise and fasting, But I started to feel unwell about two weeks ago and have let that drift on longer than I should, so yesterday caught up on my Slimpod Extra and have now reached the Momentum For Motivation, so all in could not have come at a better time, and now reading Catherine post as icing on the cake.

Phyllis Bristow

I am managing to stay on track most of the time, but I do fall by the wayside sometimes. I try not to worry and to keep off the scales. This lockdown is very hard but hopefully we will soon be able to get out more.


This came on exactly the right day for me. I have just finished 4 weeks. Every day of them has been positive and upbeat. I notice a lot of positive things happening. I.e. I do not snack, I hear my full signal, I NEED to excercise every day. Even although I am 64 I excercise like somebody half my age, or at least I think I do 😂. However, I woke up this morning and the doubt is in my head, asking myself if I am imagining the changes, feeling bloated and just meh! I have to admit, I haven’t been noting wins, because I struggle to recognise them. Thank you for your ongoing support. I am in this for the long haul.

Sharon Jennings

Ready good blog very helpful as a long time dieter I can get to a target weight but can’t stay there and become manic about eating so thank goodness for Slimpod. I’m still learning to relax around food but still crave chocolate even when I tell myself I’m not hungry.
Is this emotional/ bored eating or a bad habit I need to work on.

Elizabeth Knightley

I do not usually post messages on the Slimpod FB pages, but it does make me wonder where I’m going wrong as most ladies are posting how much they have slimmed down and I wonder how; it’s almost as though they’re dieting, but the message I picked up on when deciding to give Slimpod a try was that it is not a diet. I don’t binge to excess and walk five to six days out of seven , twice a day so I feel, although I think my attitude to eating is changing, slowly, I’m not slimming down which makes me wonder whether to extend the programme after the twelve weeks is up.

Lesley jo anne

This is such a motivating post, I can really relate to it, it makes so much sense.
I have to add that Slimpod is giving me something I’ve searched my whole life for and didn’t Think I would find, freedom from thinking about food constantly and the painful battle when your trying to ‘stick to a diet’ it’s not all the time it’s early days but so freeing!!


I like the image of the path. I’m new to Slimpod. This is Day 5. I’d say I’m sceptical but desperate – I want to be at least 8stone lighter than I am now. I kinda can’t quite believe it but I have already noticed behaviour changes so much so that I’m equally surprised that I haven’t lost any weight yet! All very strange. It reminds me of when I was in my 20s with terrible acne which wasn’t shifting whatever antibiotics or hormones the doctor threw at it. Then I discovered LM Hayes book “you can Heal your Life” which told me to repeat a particular affirmation into the mirror every day EVEN if I didn’t believe in it. So I did. And the acne disappeared, never to return. I’m 60 now. So I am listening to the pod and recording my successes. And I am hopeful.
I’m also new to Zoom etc so I will try to join you tomorrow evening….technological expertise dependant!!


Cathrine has described my journey so far exactly. thank you for sharing.

Corin Taylor

Hi Sandra. I’ve just started my 7th week. I haven’t lost any weight or inches and certainly haven’t dropped into the next size yet. I’m doing ok though, although I’m not sleeping well at the moment and am so very tired. Apart from that I have made some changes to my diet although alot of it is willpower. I am still trying not to overeat or dip into the biscuit tin! Thanks for creating Slimpod.


I am loving my Slimpod journey. I hate the scales, they make me feel defeated before I start so I didn’t weigh myself . I only did my measurements 2 weeks ago . I have a dress I have hung up and every 2 weeks I have slipped it on. It is starting to look good. Just a bit of belly fat to go and I will be comfortable in it. I am using intermittent fasting and trying to make good food choices too. I haven’t been perfect but I am still on the path going in the right direction. Loving the programme for so many reasons including, the video clips, recording my wins and goals; find the pods really useful. Love, love, love that I am not on a diet but am finally learning to control what I eat almost effortlessly, I have had a large Toberolone sitting on a table waiting to be given to the person who won it – I would have replaced it twice by now usually.

Madeleine Carter

Hi such an inspiration is Catherine. It reminds me of when I was learning to run and how I kept going with those little goals and wins through those tired times even tho my hubby laughed when I came in after my first very small run around the block. Into my third week and it’s going brilliantly. I can see my shape coming back and my clothes are fitting me better. I had one hungry day about a week in and was very tired in the mornings up until a week ago. But now over the last week I m
back to running. Just 3 lots of 3 miles weekly but it’s a start. And I have found the 7 day 7 minute sessions on you tube absolutely brill. I m on day 7 today and am going to keep them up I have no cravings and am eating so much less that my hubby is grumping about so much food going to waste. So thank you for this magic and freedom. I know there are challenges ahead but it’s no fear or problem. 💕💕💕💕 yours Madeleine Carter

Irene Dunn

Hi Sandra
I am very new day 5 but I read Catherine post on the FB group and thought it was spot on for what I am looking for from the slimpod. My goal is not to be on a diet of any sort I simply want to retrain myself to have a healthy relationship with food. Something I have never had. I am experiencing some wins already but I know that in part this is because I am consciously trying my belief is that as time goes by I stop consciously making decisions around food and the pod kicks in and I make good decisions automatically. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night on the live talk.

Brenda Morgan

I loved Catherine’s description and it came at the right time for me as I was feeling slightly demotIvated after a weekend of overeating and drinking.

Dee Rayner

Loved this post and the way it describes the slimpod journey. I am in week 5 and have got involved in the ribbon challenge… but still see no
change. Then working on summer 20 …. however felt a bit flat … til I saw this….it’s good to know that just taking time to keep reflecting on how it’s going and then moving on is not only ok but normal for lots of people … I know my path will not be a direct one… but I am going to enjoy the scenery… 😀

Laura Louise Bailey

Absolutely brilliant post! It really resonated with me. That is what I really need to work on accepting blips are just blips ❤️❤️❤️

Olive Maze

Thank you for the honest post that can keep us focused. Like some of you podders I don’t normally post, on anything!!! Yes we are all on a path that sadly has been a rollercoaster for a long time for some of us. I can empathise at not recognising wins. Are we too hard on ourselves and little wins are not big enough for us to recognise? I am on about six weeks and it’s not a huge success in dress size or inches! Elizabeth I feel your pain. Yes those scales have been consulted. Sorry Sandra rehabilitation takes a little longer for some of us. I can say there are positives… I don’t feel such cravings… I can say no… I tend to do time restricted eating. You have confirmed only eat when hungry! And no I don’t
Have breakfast if I am not hungry. I enjoy LWR and her workouts. But nothing is shifting… bar 4lbs…. I’m not about to throw in the towel because there’s something in this …..I just want to chill and it will happen.

monica Mottram

Catherine’s comments have resonated with me. I went off track for a week but back again. Thanks so much Catherine.

Tara Byrne

Am loving this. I’m doing intermittent fasting, more for health reasons than anything, too two days off this weekend and for the first time in my adult life, didn’t feel guilty. Back to it today and tearing to go. Thank you

Jacqui Simon

I am very new to this so I can’t speak much about my experience of Slimpod, but I definitely recognise Catherine’s story regarding other weightless programmes and diets. I do them effortlessly for a few weeks or months then seem to drift away from them never to be able to return. I can’t get into them second time around. I have put on slightly more than I have lost every single time.
I am desperate for this to work for me now because I feel my obesity is putting pressure on my body and this has been only too starkly reflected by the current pandemic. I haven’t noticed any difference in myself and my attitude to food yet. I’m hoping I notice a change soon because I’m not very patient!

Tania Hawkins

Hi Sandra..Catherine’s testimony was so heartfelt and very inspiring..thank you for posting. I’m into my second week and I’m beginning to notice some psychological changes. Today I wore a t-shirt instead of a baggy sweatshirt as the weather was so was really not a choice, but a needs-must. My husband and kids were mum, you look great. The tummy-tyre was on show, but hey, I felt great because I was wearing appropriate clothing and I was cool and not sweating!! I’m also following Slimming World too as the fellowship is amazing and I love their recipes. So hopefully with both ‘crutches’ I should see some promise!! One stone down..Three stone to go! God bless xx

Vera Vaughan

I love this as I struggle to stay on the path quite a lot at times. I’m going to think of my journey in the same way. Thanks very much.


I suppose I’m still wondering if this approach will work for me . I Certainly feel liberated . I’ve deleted the fitness pal app and the slimmers world app and I hadn’t realised that I felt a self imposed pressure by these apps . I felt that I should be following one or the other. So I’m happier and hopeful . I’m making mostly healthy choices that are good for my body so that’s a good place to be in for now . Thank you


I am on day three of my journey so early days yet but I must admit that I’m feeling really positive for the first time in a long time. I’m looking forward to learning more over the coming days and weeks.


Hi day 2 feeling quite motivated

Sara C Perkes

I think that, yes I’ve sometimes gone off track in the healthy living (food and excercise) department but when I get back on track, or life throws me a physical challlenge where it is crucial to be fit and lead the way I then I realise, wow I have not actually strayed that far and I impress myself enourmously.

Wendy Darnell

I’m very new, only 3 days in. Believe it or not I already have very good habits generally but metabolism wise not good. I move my body more and the support on here is so very helpful, full of great ideas and mentoring. I hope for great things.

Angie Edmond

I’m really new to this as only on day 3 , I’m finding it hard to believe this can actually work , I normally weigh my self every day as a habit but I haven’t been on the scales since day one when I needed to record you weight , which for me is a positive start , loving the pod cast could listen to the voice all day long , will be joining the live chat later If I can manage to access face book ,

Freda Lewis

Brilliant analogy, no path is without hills and obstacles , even the flat paths at the moment with trying to social distance!
Thanks Sandra and Catherine x

Mary McGrath

Catherine’s description came at the right for me…. I am in my 7th week and feeling demotivated for the last week… I will get back on track again now.

Irene kelly

Great post Sandra. Bir like mg son journey but my big win is that I never feel like giving up because I know and believe that I’m on the right path. Thank you, see you tonight

Rachel Thompson

Hi – I am just starting week 5 and have been finding it remarkably easy to make big changes. Main win – down from 1 can of Pepsi Max a day from more than 8 – a 30 yr old habbit. I had stopped thinking about food all the time but this week I just can’t stop thinking about what I would eat if I had an all out binge. I have an amazing mental line up but want to get those thoughts out of my head. I am thinking about chocolate lots of time in the day – something that I had completely stopped doing. I have joined the face book lives (I am the Rachel who said they don’t want to fast), I have been watching videos but that cheeky part of me keeps fantasising about chollcolate! Any advice?


Loved this post. I wonder if you could mention something about Compulsive Eating Disorder on tonight’s Facebook Chat. I am certain SlimPod will help but do you have any additional tips for the “addiction” to food that people like myself have. Thank you 🙏


This so rings true for me, last week I felt myself self sabotaging too, from now on I will no longer think of these times as self sabotage I will remember the path is still in sight and Imagine myself simply sitting on the bench, X thanks to catherine for sharing x


I am still in my first week and having just read this blog I realise I missed the Facebook live session earlier this evening 😳 however I joined the Facebook group on the day that Catherine posted the above and I found it very inspiring. I will remember it or refer back to it as I continue my journey with Slimpod. And I will try to join the Facebook live session next time. I hope they are available to listen to afterwards maybe? Thanks 😃

Debby McMahon

Hi Sandra,
I have had the most stressful few months and although I am listening 99% of the time to my Slimpod and looking at face book- 2 family deaths, enforced job changes and more caring commitments due to relatives in lockdown have taken thier toll on my normal positive outlook.
Just want to say thanks for the encouragement.
I have restarted watching the videos from the first 12 weeks as I didnt get beyond level 9 due to my mother in laws death. However, I have bought myself a ‘happiness Journal’ to physically write my wins ( havent started this yet) and hope to get back on track in the next few weeks.
Thanks again for this group and the support it offers. Debby

Amanda Huggins

I’ve missed the live but I do know if I look hard enough I will find all the videos somewhere , I’m doing fine thanks I’m having a go at intermittent fasting and enjoying it and me and my husband listen to the pods every night to fall asleep to xx

Shona Newbigging

Fabulous way of explaining the journey and so encouraging to know that not everyone has it easy. Love the sitting on a bench to sit a while, to re-focus and then back on the path again. I will keep this in mind. This has reassured me that it is ok and I have not completely gone AWOL! Just having a rest on my bench and will get back on the path tonight after work. Thank you.

Niki Steyl

Hello Sandra,
I needed this email today and appreciate you sharing Catherine’s post.
The past 2 weeks were just chaotic and rushed. I felt like a failure because I just couldn’t juggle all the balls as good as I would have liked to.
I struggled with back spasms and just could get myself to do any exercise. Some days I wanted to write down my wins but just couldn’t think of any. I felt negative and hopeless.
After speaking to my sister, who introduced me to Slimpod, I am ready to take a deep breath and be kind to myself because she made me realise that I am only human. I can do my best and that should be enough for me.
If I imagine myself on Catherine’s path, I would say that I got stuck on a merry-go-round spinning at top speed. I need to get off and take it slowly!
I will not give up.
Thank you for your lovely programme

Sue walker

That was lovely and I will use the path idea myself. I’m struggling at the moment as I have gone to my old habits of eating chocolate in the evening. I still listen every night but it’s like it’s stopped working or my mind has stopped listening, please help

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