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6th May 2016

HERE’S a MuTu special offer that will save you money! My good friend Wendy Powell is 45 today (July 6) and she’s celebrating by offering YOU 45 per cent off her globally successful, multiple award-winning solution to “mummy tummy” – the MuTu system. Happy birthday, Wendy! xx You’ll have to hurry because this MuTu special offer is only available for 24 hours today (July 6). 

I met Wendy six years ago and instantly loved her mind and body approach to helping mums gain back their body confidence. That’s me with Wendy and her kids on the windswept beach in Cornwall last year.

Soon after Wendy and I first met I started recommending her programmes to everyone because I felt Slimpod and Mutu was a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to lose fat and tone up their tums.

It doesn’t matter whether you had a baby a few months ago or 20 years ago – MuTu’s holistic approach is wonderful for toning up the bits that matter to us ladies.

Over the years we’ve had some wonderful success together, so much so that we christened the Slimpod + MuTu combo The Dream Team!

When Slimpod and MuTu are used together – your Mummy Mojo is unstoppable!

Find out how to claim your 45% MuTu special offer discount in the next 24 hours by clicking on Wendy’s picture below and going into her store. The discount is automatically applied to prices when you get to the checkout.

Incidentally, I am frequently asked to recommend or partner with products and brands, but decline nearly everything that arrives in my inbox.

The reason is that unless I would personally and without reservation recommend something to my friends and clients, and I have seen it work and feel with absolute honesty that it genuinely offers safe healthy real results, I won’t get involved.

But recommending this was a no brainer six years ago and still is today.

Lots of Slimpodders have had brilliant success by using MuTu along with their Slimpod. They find they develop a fit, strong, sexy body that makes them feel truly confident inside and out.

Happy mum Catherine, from Warwickshire (better known as blogger MummyLion), says: “Doing Slimpod + MuTu system has been the easiest way I have ever found to get fit and lose weight.” This is Catherine pictured below.

MuTu special offer Catherine weight lossMuTu special offer Catherine success

“I’m overjoyed at the results,” she says. “I was quite happy as a size 14 and after having my son would have been happy to return to that size. I can’t believe that MuTu and Slimpod have taken me back into a size 12 – a feat which I honestly thought would be impossible after giving birth. I thought carrying a child stretched your hips for good.”

Jocelyne, from Toronto, says: “My MuTu exercises have made me realise that I don’t need to punish myself with insane workouts. The combination of MuTu and Slimpod really helped me to find the balance that I needed.”

New mum Amy writes: “I’m amazed at the results. I am so thankful for Slimpod + MuTu and can’t wait to see how I’ll look at the end of the 12 week programme. Just wish I had found you sooner!”

Find out how to claim your 45% discount in the next 24 hours by clicking on Wendy’s picture below and going into her store. The discount is automatically applied to prices when you get to the checkout.

The offer will run for 24 hours wherever you are. It started Wednesday 6th July 2016 at 00:01 GMT and ends Thursday 7th July at 23.59 PST (for West Coast of America customers).

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