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Make your weight loss goals SMART

LET’S be really honest with ourselves: Goals are different from dreams. You might dream of winning the lottery or getting through to the final of X Factor, but realistically the chance of either of those dreams coming true is pretty remote. You’re more likely to be struck by lightning!

A SMART weight loss goal is a dream with a deadline. And that’s what makes the big difference. It’s something that can definitely be achieved – if you follow my SMART guide below. For a goal to be SMART it must be:

Here’s some great resources you can use today and then come back to when you reset your goals as the weight starts to come off.

All about SMART goals

Chunking down big goals

Creating a dream diary


Write down your weight loss goals and share them and you’re already on the way to turning them into reality because when someone close to you knows your goals they can hold you to account and make sure you’re taking them seriously.

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