Slimpod + MuTu changes a mum’s life

26th March 2014

WE all know what having a baby can do to your figure so I was thrilled to read an amazing message of hope from a new mum who’s on the Slimpod + MuTu programme. Her name is Amy and she’s got an inspiring story to tell:

“My daughter is turning one this week and I thought for sure by that age all the pregnancy weight would be gone. The last six months I have struggled and struggled to lose that last 10-12 lbs, seeing some progress one week and nothing the next.

“I was going to the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour each time. I quit carbs/grains/starches/sugars completely but then would binge on cheat days. I just couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

“A wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t fit taunted me every day. And all my other friends that had babies after I did were looking amazing, fit and skinny in their normal clothes.

Slimpod + MuTu achieves amazing transformation for Amy

“I started the  Slimpod + MuTu system A MONTH AGO. Today, I dared to step on that scale, knowing there had already been a change because my pants were fitting loser. And there it was…10 stone…pre-pregnancy weight.

“Just a month of eating cleaner. Of not limiting what I ate, but being aware of what and when and why I was eating. Not telling myself I could never have something, but allowing those snacks and sweets and comfort foods in smaller portions and for special occasions.

“Walking outside every day. Not eating after dinner and having a cup of tea or glass of wine instead. Listening to my Slimpod every night and going to sleep focusing on the positive things I did that day, instead of beating myself up and feeling so unhappy that I still don’t look good in my clothes.

“One month. One month of being kind and fair and easy on myself and believing that change would come eventually, instead of feeling so angry and jealous and ugly that I didn’t quite look how I thought I should. One month. I’m amazed.

“I always wanted to lose about 10 lbs before getting pregnant so my journey definitely doesn’t stop here. I am so thankful for Slimpod + MuTu and can’t wait to see how I’ll look at the end of the 12 week programme. Just wish I had found you sooner!”

 Have you got a lovely weight loss story which will inspire others? Please leave a comment below.

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