Here’s how you can start listening to your pods again

31st July 2020

We finally believe we’ve solved 99.99% of the technical problems which caused so many Slimpodders so much heartache over the past week. Let me once again apologise. I hate letting people down because I feel that if it upsets me, it must be 10 times worse for my lovely Slimpodders.

The tech that’s needed to send pods, videos and emails to thousands of people every day and track their progress through the programme is highly complex and when something small goes wrong it inevitably has massive consequences.

But we think we’re there now.  We’re well aware we’re not quite out of the woods though. For a few people there may still be glitches we need to sort out and, of course, we’ll be working on that as soon as we hear anything’s wrong.

If you’re one of the people who’ve discovered that your app is already working again and you’re able to listen to pods and see the programme, then ignore everything in this blog post!

However, many people will need these important instructions so here’s what you need to do to get back into your Slimpod programme.

ONE: If you’re still logged in to the app (even if it’s not working) then before you do anything you must LOG OUT right away. There’s a line of text at the bottom of the home page you need to click on:


TWO: Next you need to set yourself a new password. We’ve given you a temporary password so we’d like you to reset that to something of your choice. It can be the password you used previously.

Please DON’T try to reset it by going into the app again. You must only use this link:

which takes you to this page. This is only a picture, not the real thing 🙂

Fill in your email address and hit the grey button. Please do NOT hit the red link which says “Log in if you already have an account

Our system will send you an email containing a link for you to click. Please allow a short time for the email to arrive – as you can imagine, there will be quite a lot of people changing their emails at the same time!

THREE: When you’ve got your new password sorted out, it’s time to log in at the app (or website if that’s how you use the programme).

You should be able to log in without any problems. However, here’s a little tip if you can’t get your password to work:

Try powering down your phone by pressing the off switch for at least 10 seconds. Wait a moment or two, then power up again. This clears the app’s memory and allows the pods and the programme to stream in again.

Once you’re logged in, the first thing to do is hit the My Programme button. Then when you access your Gold programme, you’ll see a little pink panel which asks you to login again for security reasons.

FOUR:  Once you’re in your Gold programme you’ may notice that all 12 Levels have a green dot to indicate they’re completed (even though you obviously haven’t completed them all). Because so many people are on so many different levels at any given moment, the only way we could restore the programme to everyone was to unlock all 12 levels at once.

We’ve discovered that some people don’t see any green buttons at all but still have access to all the levels. Sorry if this causes confusion, but sometimes technology has a mind of its own.

I’m hoping you’ll be able to remember where you were when the system went down, so please go back to where you left off and finish the level you were in.

But if you don’t remember, the regular emails I send you will help you see where you should be.

As you’ll know, each level represents one week, so next week move on to the next level.

Your progress chart may give a strange reading, so best ignore it for now.

FIVE: Now hopefully your pods are there and play OK. If any of them are missing –  especially if you’ve bought additional ones such as the alcohol or menopause pods – then let us now right away.

Please email and put the words Missing Pods in the subject field. Don’t send emails to the Technical Support team please as they are now back on other work and customer problems are being deal with by Customer Services..

My Customer Services team are there to help you if you have a problem. Please don’t post any issues in Slimpod Club because you’ll get quicker attention by emailing Customer Services at the email address above.

SIX: This is the best bit. You should be ready to go now so sit back and relax. Tonight it will be pod time again and you’ll have that soothing voice to fall asleep to!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate how upset I am about this technical failure. I’m mortified whenever we don’t maintain the highest level of service for our customers but this time it was out of our control – although it was the Slimpod team which had to work round the clock to put things right.

Thanks for all your patience.   I’ve been deeply touched by all the kind messages of support I’ve received and they help keep me and the team going.

When we’re sure everyone is up and running again, I’ll be sending you a little token of my appreciation for your understanding.  I know it will be useful for you so look out for that email later this week 😊

With my warmest wishes and grateful thanks,

Sandra x

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Joan Mitchell

Thank you for keeping us up to date with what is happening with the outage. I didnt get the email, and not had a reply from the email I sent, so posting it was genius…..I’m now back into my app👏 thank you😘

Debbie Allen

Thanks Sandra, our thoughts and prayers are with all your team. Please thank them for their work on our behalf.

Elaine Phillips

I have to say how impressed I’ve been with your commitment to your community and the effort that’s gone into resolving this issue for so many people, and how well you’ve explained the actions required to those without technical expertise… well done to Sandra and all involved in dealing with this – thank you

Carole Carre

Does this mean our password email combinations have been hacked


Hello Carole, No not at all. Nothing has been hacked. We did a password reset for all the affected customers (less than 5% of our clients) but linked it to their IP addresses, so no one but them could log on with it. Final bit of reassurance – we don’t store customers’ financial details on our system any way, they are kept by the credit card authorisation companies – Chris Roycroft-Davis, Chief Operating Officer

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