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IF we’re honest, most of us will admit we need to cut down on alcohol. A glass of wine or two in the evening is nice but when it becomes half a bottle or more then we know we’re not doing ourselves any favours. But if cutting down on alcohol was a conscious decision then everyone would be able to do it, wouldn’t they?

Only your unconscious mind has the power to put you firmly in control. So our Cut Down On Alcohol Slimpod, created by our Harley Street specialists in behavioural change, can gently retune your mind to want to drink less and to know when you want to stop.

This powerful habit-breaker won’t stop you drinking altogether but it can give you the confidence and control to be able to cut down on alcohol by stopping after a glass or two, or whenever you choose enough is enough. Cut Down On Alcohol is the perfect complement to any of our weight loss Slimpods.

Imagine how fantastic it will feel to be able to say No and when enough becomes enough even quicker. You’d still be able to have fun being the you who’s in control, because this is not about stopping drinking but controlling your drinking in a new way and cutting down on alcohol.

This is how to cut down on alcohol the easy way!

The added confidence which goes with that control over your drinking can expand into other areas of your life. And just think how much sugar there is in wine and beer – you’d be cutting down your calorie intake, too.

Please note that this Slimpod is not designed to tackle serious drink problems. If you are worried about your alcohol consumption or feel you have a dependency on it, you should consult your GP.

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