Slimpod Chocoholic Cure habit-breaker

Endorsed by NHS consultant

“I have found the benefits to be profound and positively life changing”

Mr Gideon Felton - NHS Consultant.

Chocoholic Habit-Breaker


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You’ll be able to say No to chocolate with the unique Chocoholic Cure which can be used on its own or, for even better results, as an accompaniment to our Slimpod programmes to help chocolate addicts break the habit that is piling on the pounds. Imagine how great it will be once you can say No to chocolate.

Of all the eating habits that are so hard to control, probably one of the most common is an addiction to chocolate. For some people it starts in childhood with parents using chocolate as a reward – or even a bribe – for good behaviour. For others, eating chocolate is a habit that has formed in adulthood and has become so ingrained that they feel willpower alone is not enough for them to be able to say No.

That’s why the Chocoholic Cure is so crucial to so many people’s weight loss. Slimpods make changes from the inside out and retune your mind over a period of time so you gain control over food and stop eating chocolate.

Losing weight this way means eating only when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. Best of all it’s your mind that’s creating these lasting changes, not some fad short-term diet! This is how to stop eating chocolate the easy way! Remember, Slimpods have been proven to work in independent clinical trials, with a success rate of over 80 per cent.

As well as losing weight, you’ll feel other unexpected benefits that diets can’t give you. In a study of Slimpod users, 55% said they were thinking far more positively, 64% said they were eating more healthily and a remarkable 72% said they were more active. Ask yourself this: If diets, pills and special foods worked would you be here on our website today still looking for a permanent solution to your needs?

Unlike many weight loss methods, this one takes only 9 minutes a day and has been tested and endorsed by an NHS consultant who describes its benefits as “profound and positively life-changing.” It’s one of the reasons our weight loss> method is totally different from anything else on the market.

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