Say No To Sugar Slimpod habit--breaker

Endorsed by NHS consultant

“I have found the benefits to be profound and positively life changing”

Mr Gideon Felton - NHS Consultant.

Say No To Sugar


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Do you have a sweet tooth craving for biscuits, cakes, sugar and sweets rather than chocolate? Would you like to cut down on sugar in your tea or coffee? Or maybe cut it out altogether? Say No To Sugar could be the Slimpod for you.

It achieves a different goal to our highly successful Chocoholic Cure and is recommended for men and women of all ages with a sweet tooth who want to quit sugar. None of us is born with a sweet tooth. In fact, none of us is born with any teeth at all! However, a craving for sweet things is often developed very early in childhood and can stay with us for the rest of our lives.

So many attempts to quit sugar and lose weight are sabotaged by a sweet tooth. Cakes, biscuits and sweets can usually overcome even the strongest willpower and set off an eating binge that destroys confidence and self-esteem. That’s why our Harley Street specialists have created Beat That Sweet Tooth..  It’s the perfect accompaniment to one of our weight loss Slimpods for anyone who feels they needs a little extra help.

Recent research in America discovered that people hooked on sugar-packed ice cream can suffer similar feelings of addiction to people who take illegal drugs like heroin. A can of fizzy cola can contain as much as NINE teaspoons of sugar!

Slimpods make changes from the inside out and retune your mind over a period of time so you quit sugar and gain control over food. This means eating only when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. Best of all it’s your mind that’s creating these lasting changes and helping you to lose weight, not some fad short-term diet!

As well as losing weight, you’ll feel other unexpected benefits that diets can’t give you. In a study of Slimpod users, 55% said they were thinking far more positively, 64% said they were eating more healthily and a remarkable 72% said they were more active.

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