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Running for fun makes Darin a star

28th June 2016

HAVE you seen the hashtag #medalmonday on Facebook? It’s the lovely way a group of runners inspire each other by showing each other the medals they’ve won every weekend. You’ll have seen the remarkable story of Slimpodder Darin McCloud in the emails I send out.

When I bumped into Darin in Portsmouth last week he told me all about #medalmonday and what it means to him.

Darin was 20 stone and in poor shape when we first met back in January 2011. He went on a Slimpod, lost six stone and started his athletic career with the Great South Run in October 2011.

Darin and me last week

Now he’s run the London Marathon and has a remarkable collection of SIXTY-SIX medals, two Slimpod awards and lots of running shirts!! It’s a rare weekend when he’s not out running for fun, getting another medal to add to his impressive collection.

You can read Darin’s amazing success story here.

Darin’s wall of fame at home

Darin has a large community of friends who he’s running for fun with every week and his partner Hazel has also taken up the sport. She’s been doing Parkruns every week and feeling enormous health benefits as a result.

Darin, who’s also cycled 300 miles across Cuba, finds our sports performance pod helps motivate him. If you’re thinking about running for fun, or want to get to the next level of fitness, now’s the time to grab this pod because it’s half price at just £19.99 for a limited time only.

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