Are you up for the Slimpod Challenge 10?

7th January 2015

SO who fancies starting the New Year with a fabulously healthy goal? How would you like to become part of a virtual team whose aim is to run 10 miles in 10 months? We’ve teamed up with Slimpodder Kirsty Taylor-Gallop, who last October started a great project called Challenge 10 to help herself become fit and healthy.  The challenge?  To be able to run 10 miles in 10 months having never been a runner before!

Kirsty was joined by nine other bloggers and they’ve all been posting their progress on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s part of Kirsty’s story…

“I’ve been overweight my entire adult life. At 32 I realised that I still had the power within me to make a life changing difference to my future health.

“Slimpods, eating right and introducing exercise I like all helped me to shift some vital pounds. I entered the circle of weight loss which aids itself. I was eating right, changing the way my mind thought of food via my slimpod and felt great and able to exercise. But I wanted something to aim for.

“I found a 5K training app I liked, bought some running gear I felt comfortable in and read quite a few blogs on running and training for runs. My first venture out surprised me, I didn’t end up quitting, I didn’t struggle and I ended up smiling and enjoying myself. I knew at that moment that I was going to work towards becoming a runner.

“I track my runs with Map My Run and am always excited when I get a personal best on a mile or go further and further. So far I’m able to run/jog four miles with minimal walking. I’m three weeks into my 5k training and I keep mixing up my training and enjoy creating new routes round my village.”

At Thinking Slimmer we’ve got plenty of great people who have made wonderful lifestyle changes with the help of their Slimpods and Fitpods so when I saw how well Kirsty was doing on her journey I just thought it would be a wonderful idea to encourage others to join in and make permanent change.

So, If you’d like to join in it’s very simple. On Twitter and Instagram we’ve set up the hashtag #Slimpodchallenge10. On Facebook we’ve put up a special thread in our closed group Slimpod Club which is open to everyone who has a Slimpod or Fitpod. We have several experienced runners in Slimpod Club and they’ll be on hand to give advice if necessary.

Taking up the #Slimpodchallenge10 is really easy.

To join the Twitter team: Follow @ThinkingSlimmer then tweet “I’m up for the #Slimpodchallenge10” so we can see how the team’s growing. Then tweet regularly about your progress, making sure you include the hashtag each time. You can include pictures of your fitness journey, too.

To join the Instagram team: Follow ThinkingSlimmer then post a picture of the start of your fitness journey with the message “I’m up for the #Slimpodchallenge10”. Your first picture can be your trainers, your running gear, a before picture of you in the park – anything that’s personal to you. Then post regular pictures to illustrate your progress, each time remembering to use the hashtag #Slimpodchallenge10.

To join the Facebook team: First Like our Thinking Slimmer Weight Loss Page then if you’re already a member of Slimpod Club add a comment to the Slimpod Challenge 10 thread saying “I’m up for the Slimpod Challenge 10.” We’d love you to post a picture, too – your first picture can be your trainers, your running gear, you in the park, anything that’s personal to you. Then add new comments and pictures to the thread to show us your progress.

 If you don’t already have a Slimpod: We’ll help you with 20% off a Slimpod and/or a Fitpod, a saving of £6 on the normal price of £29.99.  Here’s the discount code to put in the box at the bottom of the checkout page:


Then when you’ve got your Slimpod, choose which team you’re like to join and follow the guidelines above.

Slimpod Challenge 10 is a fun thing to do with friends so please feel free to share.

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