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20th April 2016

THOUGHT I’d share with everyone a little glimpse into our private Slimpod Club group on Facebook because it’s a source of constant inspiration for our Slimpod members and me, too! I just love the group and the magical changes that people experience to their eating habits and lifestyles, so I thought I’d sprinkle some of the inspiration outside the group as well.

Here’s some of the magic that’s been posted in the past few days. As it’s a closed group – only open to anyone who’s bought a Slimpod – and not everyone wants to the world to read their posts, I’ve blacked out the identities of people who’ve asked to remain private.



Really enjoyed this blog from Elaine, who’s on our Slimpod Gold programme:

Here’s a video Elaine shot on her phone and posted up on Facebook:


Here’s another very happy lady:

Think we’d all love to have this happy Slimpodder’s problem:

Rachel: Just getting changed to go out to meet a friend – I can’t wear the top I’d planned to wear – it’s too big. Back to the wardrobe to find something else!


Love this entry from a Slimpod app success log which a lady I’ll call SK posted up in Slimpod Club:



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